Carney Hit Sundance


The future rock stars of this year (you can quote me on that), Carney, hit up Sundance last week performing a few songs at the ASCAP Music Cafe.  The guys will be releasing their debut album in the spring of this year before heading off to New York to do the Broadway musical of Spiderman. And on a related side note, if you get a chance to see them in concert any time soon (check their myspace for dates), I strongly encourage it.  I have never seen anything like it in my life.

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Sundance 2010 Portraits

Let Joseph Gordon-Levitt invite you for some portraits from Sundance 2010…. Also included is a trailer for the new movie “The Runaways.”


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New Artists and Cities Announced For Lilith Fair 2010

New cities and artists have been announced for Lilith Fair’s 2010 summer tour and holy crap, it looks amazing.  While I’d lo for Jenny Lewis or Neko Case to also be added, I’m very happy with the ones who have been added so far.  I have a huge love and admiration for women in music so this will probably be the highlight of my summer.

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BAFTA Nominations Are Released

(List of nominees)

Spice Girls Musical in the Works

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Children of the 90s: rejoice! A Spice Girls musical is in the works (very similar to what Mamma Mia is) and is expected to open within the next two to three years in London. Come inside for the full details….


(I really, really, really wanna zing-a-zing-ahhh)

The Veronicas Debut a New Song


I don’t know why I didn’t write about this like a month ago when it happened, but better late than never, yes?  Last month The Veronicas updated their YouTube page with a little Christmas present for all of their fans: a brand new accoustic song called “Could’ve Been.”  The song is really gorgeous, and I love that accoustically the girls sound just as good as they do on regular CD format.  Click, click, click away for the video and leave your thoughts on the song in the comments section!

(Come on baby we ain’t gonna live 4ever, let me show you all the things that we could do….)

Kate Winslet Added to Presenters List at the Golden Globes

With the Golden Globes next week, the presenters are finally being announced and the goddess Kate Winslet has been one of the latest names to be added.

Awards Season is always my favorite time of the year, and even though I’m not as excited for many of the movies beyond Avatar and Precious I’m still excited for the award shows and the amazing E! Live From the Red Carpet shows which is always a tradition for me.

(Who will get drunk this year and act a fool?)

HBIC Cate Blanchett Kills It in Streetcar & Extends Stay With Sydney Theatre


There really is no doubt that Cate Blanchett is one of the finest and best actresses of our generation.  There’s no one else you can picture playing Bob Dylan or Queen Elizabeth, and one of my favorite things about her is that she hasn’t abandoned her roots and is still doing theatre.

And still doing it very well, might I add.

Cate just wrapped up her role as Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, much to rave reviews, and has also made an announcement that she’s extended her stay as artistic director with her theatre company in Sydney, Australia.  Full stories for both after the jump! Continue reading

Nashville’s Grimeys Top Sellers and Staff Favorites


Grimeys, located in Nashville, TN, is my home away from home.  My sanctuary.  My synagogue. I go there to be inspired, find unique and brilliant music, and because the atmosphere is so warm and relaxed.  All of the employees are like a treasure book of information about music, and are also extremely friendly.  To put it simply, you go there to listen to good music and see your friends.

With it being the beginning of a new year, the staff, headed by indie-pop princess/manager Anna Lundy, released the store’s top sellers of 2009 and their picks for the best albums, songs and concerts of this past year.  While the list is lacking much diversity (needs more hip-hop and electro-pop), it’s still a brilliant list so please click, click away for all the lists!!! Continue reading

Pictures of Chace Crawford & Taylor Momsen Filming Gossip Girl

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen pictures from the set of Gossip Girl, and I’m very happy that this one involves the lovely Taylor Momsen. Personally, I’ve been so disappointed by this season that I had to stop watching.  It was just waaaaay too melodramatic for me.  But I still love Taylor Momsen and think she’s the fiercest girl ever, so you will find more pictures and a video of the Pretty Reckless after the jump.

Also for those of you keeping up, is this season worth getting back into? After Serena’s idiocy, and Rufus and Lily getting married thus making for cheesy family sequences I just couldn’t handle it and quit.  Let me know in the comments!


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