Beyonce Kicks Lindsay Lohan Out of Her Own Dressing Room

Over the weekend Lindsay Lohan hosted the F1 Rocks concert series in Singapore where people like the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, and Gwen Stefani performed.

But Beyonce wanted nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan who happened to have the largest dressing room area, which Beyonce had already requested, so what did she do?

No, she didn’t share.  She kicked her out!

According to a source, Beyonce didn’t want Lindsay anywhere near her so she requested for Lindsay to “vacate” the room–which happened.

Lindsay wasted no time complaining to the Daily Mail about the night saying,“I’ve been a bit down. It was a strange night. Everyone was being aggressive and bothering me. I really didn’t like it.”

My love for Beyonce just continues to grow and grow.


Happy Birthday to the Original HBIC Known as Beyonce!!

Random Things

Sasha Fierce Beyonce turns 28 today so I wanted to make a post saying, “Happy birthday” to the fiercest and most independent woman in entertainment.

Come inside for a look at B’s most awesomery videos….  And 10 points for everyone who makes #HAPPYBDAYBEYONCE a trending topic on Twitter today! Continue reading

King and Queen Jay-Z and Beyonce Attend a Press Conference

Beyonce and Jay-Z attended a “press conference” the other day and OH MY GOSH SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS.

B’s a natural beauty, and it’s always nice to see her looking so stunning and happy.  And it’s a rarity to see her her out with her man too…

Anyways a few more of B and Jay after the jump, plus a video of Sasha Fierce performing at the Essence Festival.


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Beyonce Proves Why She’s a Fierce, Independent Woman

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beyonce has always been the girl who will eff you up if you mess with her because quite frankly, girl doesn’t play.  But beyond that, Bee’s kept up her awesomeness by always talking about the importance of girls making their own money and loving themselves before they get into a relationship.

So it should come as no surprise that she gets quite candid and inspirational in her latest interveiw with Brown Sista about why she keeps her marriage private and why girls seem to lose themselves in relationships.

Inteview after the jump!


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Beyonce and Solange WORK IT

Beyonce and Solange Knowles were in Japan recently promoting the Samantha Thavasa Disney Collection and were looking absolutely flawless, beautiful, gorgeous, fierce etc doing so.

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Queen Beyonce Shops With Her Nephew

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Please make way for the baddest diva of them all.

Beyonce and her nephew, Julez (along with B’s mother, Tina) went shopping on Rodeo Drive yesterday and looked completely awesome while doing it.

Look at those shoes!!!  Julez was sporting a “My Auntie Rocks” t-shirt because Solange (his mother) later Tweeted he was attending B’s show that night.


Beyonce Spends The Night Out At Hyde

Sasha Fierce herself, aka Beyonce, was spotted leaving Hyde Lounge last night by her security looking absolutely gorgeous in a purple dress.  Very few people can exit a club looking like that. 

In other news, B has recently nabbed the number one title of Forbes top paid celebrity under 30 with estimates that she’s earned about $87 million in the past year.

Get it, girl!

More pictures after the jump!


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Beyonce Gets Fierce For Food Drive

Beyonce supports the 'Show Your Helping Hand' campaign.

Beyonce took a break from promoting her latest stop in the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” tour to help out with a food charity drive.

Looking beautiful and glamorous, Beyonce told a crowd of excited fans, “Right now it’s the summertime and there are a lot of children that don’t have meals because school is out so they depend on the food bank.  We really need your help –  we can’t do this alone!”  The goal for this project is to deliver over 3.5 million meals to food banks across the country.

I really respect Beyonce for actually going out and making a difference instead of talking about making one on Twitter (*cough* Lindsay and Paris *cough*) .  She’s a star.

Beyonce Works It

I’m totally loving Beyonce’s need to be her ulter ego, Sasha Fierce, all the  time now.  From her most recent movie “Obsessed” (it was awesome–as in awesomely bad) to her completely dramatic videos, she’s bringing it full force.

So why would you exect anything less from her most recent tour book?

Here’s a look.  They’re pretty much out of this world:

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