Anna Nalick has a new song out!

You might remember my post from a few months ago wondering where Anna Nalick disappeared to, well she’s been found and today she posted a new song titled “the Lullaby Singer” to her official website.  It’s way better than the cheesy “Shine” she released a few years ago and it’s a pretty catchy song filled with her usual tongue in cheek lyrics.

I for one am SO happy that she’s finally releasing new music and I hope that now that she’s escaped Epic she will be able to release her music faster and however she wants to.

You can listen to the song after the jump and let me know what you think in the comments….. Continue reading

Reason #546 I Love Kelis

Having disappeared from the game for almost four years, Kelis has bounded back as aggressively and ferociously as possible: with a brand new sound.

I’ve always loved Kelis for the simple fact that she speaks her mind, and doesn’t seem like someone you would want to mess with because she would cut you.  Similarly, I’ve always been a fan of Kelis’s work dating back to the Milkshake days (and especially when she released Bossy), but with the release of her latest single “Acapella” (sic) I was completely taken aback by the maturity and classy sexiness she had poured into her latest work.  The sound is decidedly disco meets electro-pop, a huge leap from her previous R&B/occasional alternative albums and it suits her beautifully.  From what I’ve heard, Kelis recorded the entire album of Flesh Tone with her son in my mind and Acapella is her love song to him.

The video is extremely futuristic and creative, and is stirring a lot of buzz for the album that will be released sometime in July (although I will be buying this directly from Amazon UK this week because I honestly can not wait to get my hands on it).  You can see the video in all it’s glory after the jump!


Katy Perry Performs California Gurls (to a mostly dead crowd)

I’ll admit, for a while I was skeptical and worried about if Katy Perry could survive 2010 after America has become the United State of Gaga but with the release of her new single California Gurls I’m beginning to breathe easy. Yes, I love Katy Perry and you can shove it if you don’t.  I saw her live AND have her autograph.

The song has recently clocked in at number two on Billboard and for good reason, it’s a fun, summery song.  Katy recently performed the single at some event the CW was doing (nothing the CW does is noteworthy or important anymore) but oddly the audience was not having it.  Homegirl gave it her all but there was basically no movement, dancing, or hands going up like she requested.  (To which I say, please give me your effing ticket so IIIIII can enjoy it)  Katy gave it her all though and put on a lovely performance which you can watch after the jump!

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The Veronicas Debut a New Song


I don’t know why I didn’t write about this like a month ago when it happened, but better late than never, yes?  Last month The Veronicas updated their YouTube page with a little Christmas present for all of their fans: a brand new accoustic song called “Could’ve Been.”  The song is really gorgeous, and I love that accoustically the girls sound just as good as they do on regular CD format.  Click, click, click away for the video and leave your thoughts on the song in the comments section!

(Come on baby we ain’t gonna live 4ever, let me show you all the things that we could do….)

New Tegan and Sara Song Drops!!!!

Soooo excited about this news!!!!!

Tegan and Sara have released a new song titled “Feel It In My Bones” which feautres DJ Tiesto! It’s an interesting collaboration for the twin duo, but the song is awesome and will be featured on Tiesto’s new album “Kaleidoscope.”   Sara recently spoke about working with the DJ saying, “Tegan and I would happily disband if Tiësto let us tour the world with him. I’d take dance lessons and would be open to discussions about wearing “outfits” on stage. We’re proud of the collaboration and can’t wait for people to hear the song!”

Come inside for a listen….. Continue reading

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