7 January, 2016 11:04

From: Braden Hixson

Hi! How are you?
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Braden Hixson

from: Braden Hixson

Hi! How are you?
I saw it on TV! http://blog.058093.com/sw/legs.php CNN said it really works!

Braden Hixson

from Braden Hixson

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Braden Hixson

Braden Hixson

Braden Hixson

The wrongly maligned year of Christina Aguilera


Poor Christina Aguilera.

2010 was supposed to be her star, comeback year after disappearing for more than 4 years.  She had been hailed as having one of the best voices in pop music, and she was also one of the sexiest for a while.  For months there had been buzz about the release of “Bionic”–it had been hyped for months due to the amount of collaborators Aguilera would be working with and because it would be her return to the music scene.   With a list of producers like M.I.A., Peaches, Sia, and Nicki Minaj, it seemed like Aguilera would at least have an interesting album to return with.

Then “Not Myself Tonight” was released.

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I’m back!!

Hello, hello blog readers!

I had to take a long break from blogging because of school–frankly, I just didn’t have enough time to write the long ass posts I’ve been dying to for months.  I have been dying to return though because while I’ve been posting on Tumblr, Twitter etc it really doesn’t compare to what I would like to be writing about.  So I’m back for the time being and will be posting about whatever strikes me as interesting.  Keep reading and tell all your friends!  I’m also considering starting a new blog, or moving entirely to a new blog for movie analysis, spotlights on actors etc but I haven’t decided yet… For now though I’m keeping this one.

Until next time….


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