Meryl Stree’s New Movie Gets an R Rating; I’m Still Seeing It!

Because it’s Christmas season, and everyone needs a fun, sassy movie to run off to the theater to see in order to escape their family, Meryl Streep has a new film coming out!

But if you’re under seventeen you might not be able to get in.

Currently, the Nancy Meyers directed film “It’s Complicated”, which also stars Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, has been slapped with an R rating due to “drug content and sexuality.”  But producers are doing their best to appeal the rating because they’re afraid it’s going to dash Oscar chances.

While I do think this movie will be entertaining, let’s not bluff here.  If Meryl gets nominated for anything this year (and she will), it will be “Julie and Julia.”  This movie does look fun, and it definitely seems like it will be a good time (Silas Hunter Parrish from “Weeds” is also in it!!), but I don’t see it winning any Oscars.  It’s more like the producers are terrified that it’s going to bomb at the box office if it doesn’t get the required guaranteed-to-be-successful PG-13 rating.

No matter what the rating is, I’m totally seeing this.  I’ll watch anything with Meryl in it.  And  this is like one of those movies you see with your best friend on a Saturday, then go to Starbucks and get a tall mocha light frap while discussing life and gossiping.  Also, for an added bonus you get to hear Meryl Streep say, “Apparently, I’m a slut!”

Trailer after the jump!


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Nothing Says Happy Thanksgiving Like a Drunk Suki on Gilmore Girls!


Sadly, there were no crazy drunks during my Thanksgiving; just “Home Alone” and way too much food.  But all the same, I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoy this glorious “Gilmore Girls” clip!

Evan Rachel Wood Featured in Carney’s Love Me Chase Me Video=Awesomeness

After months and months and months and months of waiting, Carney has finally released their video for “Love Me Chase Me” and it was definitely worth the wait.

You guys might remember them if you caught them this summer on the road with the Veronicas or Gov’t Mule, OR you might have heard of them after it was announced that Reeve got the role of Spiderman in the Broadway musical being directed by Julie Taymor.  But if this is your first time witnessing their genius then please prepare yourself.  In order to fully understand Carney, blend together Jeff Buckley in the form of lead singer Reeve Carney then add in the music of Zeppelin or Skynard mixed in with some randomness like the Beatles and you have the band who’s sound is extremely hard to pin down.

And yes, that IS Evan Rachel Wood, who will be playing the part of Mary Jane on Broadway, in the video.  Girl is fierce.   Personally I love that in a year when MTV is not playing videos anymore and the art is a dying form, that bands like Carney and singers like Lady Gaga (yes I am comparing the two) are actually concerned with making concept driven videos that appeal to their fans.

But what are your thoughts on the video?  Anyone love it?

Also one more thing: Zane and Reeve have a younger sister, Paris, who also has some incredible music that you can listen to CARNEY can be found at band and Twitter (names: reevecarney, zanecarney, aidenplaysbass, jonnyepcat)

Your First Look at Dave Franco on Scrubs!

Dave Franco in "Scrubs"

As those of you who religeously read my blog know, Dave Franco is set to make his debut on “Scrubs” next Tuesday night as the rich, cocky medical student Cole.   And if you knew that, then you probably know I’m ridiculously excited that he’s back spreading his awesomeness on TV again (sadly “Do Not Disturbed” was prematurely cancelled).

So much to my happiness while browsing around YouTube last night at 3 AM due to insomnia and ADD, I found a just released clip from ABC featuring Davey Dave, and I’m happy to say that everything looks very promising for the series.  So click away for your first look at the new and improved “Scrubs”!



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Rihanna Forgot What Clothes Are in the Rated R Booklet

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know, I really like how Rihanna portrayed herself in the 20/20 interview, but I’m not buying this hard, edgy image AT ALL.  Why, you may ask?  It’s simple:  her music doesn’t back up her edgy look.  There’s nothing unique, mind-blowing, or edgy about it.  It’s all still very generic, and typical of much of the music out these days.

Girl, take a note from Santigold and get some style in your music.

On that note (no pun intended), click away for a look at her Rated R booklet.  I was close to saying she looks fierce, but this image is obviously so manufactured that I’m not even going to.  And taking off your clothes isn’t exactly the best message to send to your young fans unless there’s an actual empowering reason behind it.  Just sayin’.

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Mariah Carey Plays With Children Without the Kittens :(

Yesterday, you might have heard a fabulous story about Mariah Carey demanding that 20 white kittens and 100 doves be present during her appearance at the Westfield complex… Well, according to the Daily Mail, Westfield didn’t give in and this is what she got instead.

Star wands and paper butterflies.

How bland.  How horrid.  How lame. I’m sure the pictures of her with the kittens and doves would have been magnificent (even though I’m about 99% sure that story is completely false).

Anyway, you can still see the pictures from the event ater the jump.  And I’m so excited because I’m seeing “Precious” next week!!! Anyone else seeing it??  I’m so happy Mariah’s finally in a good movie.  I’ve been waiting for this since “Glitter.” Also I’m thinking about ordering “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” off Amazon… y/y?



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Some News About Ben Whishaw’s New Play “Cock”

Some news about Ben Whishaw’s new play “Cock”  has just been released, and it’s pretty juicy.  While you can read inside what that is, I have no doubt that this will cause some sort of controversy due to the plot… Even today subjects like this tend to make people lose their crap.

So please come inside for pictures from the play and text!


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