Dita Von Teese Introduces Her New Wonderbra

Come inside for a look at the “Party Edition” space by Wonderbra starring Dita Von Teese….


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Jared Leto Looks Seventeen Again

Here’s Jared Leto strolling around Beverly Hills, and being stopped by some famous homeless woman named Quween who apparently loves famous people (can someone fill me in on this lady?), and while, yes, these walking posts are so utterly fascinating, all I can think is: “HOLY MOTHER OF MADONNA, JARED LETO LOOKS LIKE HE’S SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD.”

Which doesn’t make any sense because he’s THIRTY-SEVEN.

I don’t know what kind of anti-aging products he’s using but crap, I want some when I’m that age.

Anyways, a few more pictures of him walking around and giving money to Quween after the jump.


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The Emmy’s Best and Worst Dressed

Let the stunning Heidi Klum invite you in for the Emmy’s Best and Worst dressed list…. Continue reading

Nicole Kidman Out With Keith Urban and Sunday

Nicole Kidman was spotted looking gorgeous while spending family-time with husband Keith Urban and their daughter Sunday Rose earlier this week in Nashville.

 Its a nice reunion for the family as Nicole just appeared on “Project Runway: All-Star Competition” to inform the contestant’s that the winner’s dress would be worn at the premiere of her new movie “Nine.”  The movie looks stunning and I’m so excited to see Nicole in a movie that will hopefully make it to the Oscars next year.

More pictures of the family inside….


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Lady Gaga’s Tries To Make Fangs a New Fashion Trend, Fails

The famewhore known as Lady Gaga was seen out clubbing in London at Soho House recently.  Gaga, as always, was overjoyed to see the paparazzi and stopped to show off her fangs before heading inside.

Seriously, everything about this girl is just desperate.  I love writing about her because she’s so crazy and makes for good posts, but I’m so over her music and pretentious “I’m making art” attitude.  And how can anyone find that attractive?

But if anyone cares to enlighten  me about the genius of Gaga please do so in the comments.  Otherwise, there are a few more pics below of Gaga acting likea a vampire after the jump.


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Cutest Couple Ever!

All I have to say is that Hunter Parrish–Silas from Weeeds–and that chick from Aly and AJ (this one is AJ) have got to be the most gloriously adorable couple I’ve ever seen.  I mean seriously, just look at them!  They look like the picture of teenage love.  Even though Hunter’s like 22… 

Hunter and AJ were spotted hanging out at the Chateau Marmont Friday night looking like they had been caught on date night.

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Katy Perry and Hayley Williams Hang Out in Australia

Hayley & I love australia. And tapas.

Katy Perry and Paramore’s frontwoman Hayley Willimas got together last night while in Australia for dinner and tweeted about it the entire time.

Katy wrote:Having dinner w/@yelyahwilliams telling her she must get on tim & eric awesome show train & reminiscing about homestar runner, may it RIP.”

and then an hour later, “Follow her @yelyahwilliams!!! She’s the BEST!”

In related news, Katy recently participated on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire which aired last night winning, $50,000 for St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

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Lady Gaga Rocks Some New Hair And Leapord Print Underwear

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sporting purple, pink and blonde hair, the goddess known as Lady Gaga was spotted leaving the Sonic Summer tour in Japan today wearing a black top and leapord print underwear.

Sadly this is actually the most normal I’ve seen her looking in ages….

Gaga wrote about the lovely experience on Twitter saying, “I’ve been excited ALL SUMMER to play at SUMMERSONIC 2009 in tokyo + osaka! Thank u, you’re the most badass fans. What a killer midnight show”

Inspiration: My Little Pony

Plenty more pictures after the jump!


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Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears: Together Again!

Well… Look what the cat dragged in.

While Britney was out clubbing last night, acclaimed actress Lindsay Lohan also happened to show up at the same club, at the same time.  Sources say the girls danced and laughed the whole time and posed for some pictures.  You can see it in Britney’s face: “Get this crazy faux-blonde chick away from me!”

Somewhere Paris Hilton is weeping that she was not invited.

Britney Looks Sexy While Clubbing

Britney Spears got her hair did (back to blonde!!) yesterday and to celebrate went out to Grand Star Jazz Club at 1 AM and stayed until 3 AM.

Now before all of you get your panties in a wad because Britney is out clubbing again, let me remind you that A) she kept all of her clothes on B) she’s not with Paris Hilton and C) girl hasn’t gone clubbing in over a year and she’s become a completely different person since then, comeback included, so let’s cut her a break, mmkay?

More pictures after the jump.

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