Who Will Be The Legendary Artists 20 Years From Now?

Last night I was watching Behind the Music: Courtney Love (which was amazing, let me tell you) and I was so taken aback by how RAW she was performing in the nineties that it floored me. I know her tour manager called it a disaster whenever she would open her mouth on stage, but those performances have come to be nothing short of legendary in the past fifteen years.

I’m FINALLY, after almost four long years of unwavering support, getting to see Courtney live a week from today, and while I’m about to die waiting in antcipation, I can only imagine what it would have been like to see Love in her prime.  Yes, she’s clean and sober now and is still putting on a great show, but who doesn’t love Love when she’s stage diving and telling audience members to “get up on stage so I can kick your butt”?  Which got me thinking, which artists of my generation will be the ones that twenty years from now everyone will say, “I would have KILLED to see them in their prime”?

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Britney Spears Dyes Her Hair Black Again

Some pictures have surfaced of Briteny Spears’s new hair and while I’ve never been a big fan of her with the black hair as that used to be synonymous with her going crazy, I think she looks pretty.

As you can see it’s a VERY slow news week because all I can find to write about is Britney’s hair but whatever.  More pictures after the cut of Brit making her way into the Mandrian Hotel yesterday in LA.  Do you guys like the new look?


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Lady Gaga Releases “Bad Romance” Video; World Collectively Dies in Awe

After much delay and hype, Lady Gaga has finally released her video for “Bad Romance”, virtually proving she is the most visually entertaining artist in pop music right now.

Currently, I’m in such a state of shock and awe, that I’m incapable of writing a review other than to say my mind is blown.  Everything in this video is over the top, edgy, fierce and absolutely crazy.  The ending is also pretty freakin’ epic.  So I really have nothing else to say other than I have never been more honored to have her following me on Twitter.

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So please, come inside for the video. Click me.

New Music Tuesday!


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Listen To Britney’s New Single “3” HERE


Britney Spears has released her new single for the “Singles” album “3” and if you haven’t heard it (because some of her die-hard stans happened to stay up until it was released at 7 AM–if you don’t believe me click here.  It’s worth it for the lols), you can listen after the jump! Continue reading

Britney Spears Performs “You Oughta Know” LIVE

When I first heard that Britney Spears covered the Alanis scorned girl classic “You Oughta Know” I was a little skeptical of how awesomery it would turn out.  I thought it might be too heavy for her voice.  But then I listened and she really did a great job with it.  I think the reason is because she really gets the rage in it.  Britney’s songs may be all sweet and poppy, but anyone who has been keeping up with her in the past two or three years knows she’s had her fair share of problems and has had time to be angry.

You can listen for yourself after the jump.  What do you guys think?  Did Britney nail it or completely butcher it?

And yes, there is some type of pre-recorded backing vocal but everything else sounds completely live.

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Britney Looks Hot Performing In Philadelpia and Boston

Britney Spears looked fit and hot during her stops in Philadelphia and Boston recently for the Circus tour.  The show has been a smash success, and Brit is still on the second leg of it with a few more weeks to go.

I wish I could go, and she’s actually going to only be a few hours away from me but sigh, I just found this out yesterday.  I saw her when I was like ten though on the Oops I Did It Again tour so I can deal.

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