Lindsay Lohan Appears on Celebrity Hoarders

Because she needs money to buy MOAR clothes, Lindsay Lohan appeared on the Insider’s Hoarders: Celebrity Edition to show off her disaster area of an apartment.

Part 2 airs tonight, but seriously all I can do when I see this is laugh out loud.  Shouldn’t she be in Paris, like, “designing” or something?

Lindsay Lohan Is Dropped From Her Record Label, Working for Free, Desperate for a Job

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So basically, this title says it all.  Lindsay Lohan, the once-It girl who had it all, now has nothing and is desperate to find work. 

According to recent reports, LL is working for Ungaro for free, and only getting free clothes out of the deal.  (Which, is interesting because I remember watching this documentary on the amazing design team that is Proenza Schouler and they can’t afford to pay their MODELS so they give them clothes in exchange for their work.  Obviously Ungaro, a more established fashion label than Proenza Schouler, has the money.  So basically, Lindsay is the equivelent of a struggling fashion model.)  But that’s not all, Linds also has had her music relationship with Casablanca records terminated.  Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Might Be Headed To Jail Tomorrow

If you’re wondering why I haven’t been blogging in the past few days it’s because there has been NOTHING worth blogging about.  No epic movies have been released,  no one has died, no one has shown up to an interview wearing dead Kermits, and no one has gone to jail.  Hollywood has been the most boring town ever this past week, and as a result the most exciting post you would have gotten would’ve been a “Kim Kardashian is walking” post.

SO THANK GOD LINDSAY LOHAN MIGHT BE CHANGING THAT.  According to TMZ, Linds has been summoned by the judge from her 2007 DUI/drug possession case to appear in court tomorrow to do a little check up on whether she’s been keeping off the bottle.

OBVIOUSLY, she hasn’t and if it is brought out that she has indeed violated her parole, homegirl will get her butt sent to jail.

So please, come inside and read all the juicy details… Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Is Looking A Little Rough

Ooh, girl….. Continue reading

Beyonce Kicks Lindsay Lohan Out of Her Own Dressing Room

Over the weekend Lindsay Lohan hosted the F1 Rocks concert series in Singapore where people like the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, and Gwen Stefani performed.

But Beyonce wanted nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan who happened to have the largest dressing room area, which Beyonce had already requested, so what did she do?

No, she didn’t share.  She kicked her out!

According to a source, Beyonce didn’t want Lindsay anywhere near her so she requested for Lindsay to “vacate” the room–which happened.

Lindsay wasted no time complaining to the Daily Mail about the night saying,“I’ve been a bit down. It was a strange night. Everyone was being aggressive and bothering me. I really didn’t like it.”

My love for Beyonce just continues to grow and grow.


Lindsay Lohan Loses Her %$#& And Goes Crazy On Samantha Ronson via Twitter

This morning while most of us were sleeping or getting ready for work, Lindsay Lohan decided to annihilate Samantha Ronson on Twitter with this gem:

Anyone who would like to translate is free too.  I don’t speak crazy drugged-out lesbianise.  BUT here’s what I think she’s saying: “Samantha, can you please make an attempt to not ruin ANYTHING that is going good in my life??  I think I finally deserve a night to cry myself to sleep thanks to your cheats and errors.  And also thank you for being my friend before a sell-out… But the term self-out was coined from ME and I gave your friends sooooo much insight because they were not complete, but substanisan SUBSTANTIAL friends that were using you.  BUT THEN YOU LIED and told your family that your friends are worth more to you than I am, and then you called me gross.  Thanks.”

I have no clue what the eff she’s talking about what “self-out” but anyone else who knows what she’s talking about is welcome to translate in the comments.  This is some Courtney Love crap.

Lindsay Lohan Looks Glowing, Beautiful, Gorgeous Etc. At Inglorious Basterds Premiere

There really are no words for this. Except: Isn’t Lindsay doing a movie in Texas right now (“Machette”)?!  So how did she find the time to make it out to NYC to attend the “Inglorious Basterds” screening and after-party?

Sigh.  When will all these directors stop thinking with their dicks and learn that you do not hire Lindsay Lohan to shoot a movie and expect her to show up for work looking like a fresh-faced twenty-three year old?  Anyways more pictures of the mess after the jump. Continue reading

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