Britney Spears Performs “You Oughta Know” LIVE

When I first heard that Britney Spears covered the Alanis scorned girl classic “You Oughta Know” I was a little skeptical of how awesomery it would turn out.  I thought it might be too heavy for her voice.  But then I listened and she really did a great job with it.  I think the reason is because she really gets the rage in it.  Britney’s songs may be all sweet and poppy, but anyone who has been keeping up with her in the past two or three years knows she’s had her fair share of problems and has had time to be angry.

You can listen for yourself after the jump.  What do you guys think?  Did Britney nail it or completely butcher it?

And yes, there is some type of pre-recorded backing vocal but everything else sounds completely live.

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Britney Looks Hot Performing In Philadelpia and Boston

Britney Spears looked fit and hot during her stops in Philadelphia and Boston recently for the Circus tour.  The show has been a smash success, and Brit is still on the second leg of it with a few more weeks to go.

I wish I could go, and she’s actually going to only be a few hours away from me but sigh, I just found this out yesterday.  I saw her when I was like ten though on the Oops I Did It Again tour so I can deal.

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First Fan To Find Britney Spears In NYC Today Wins Concert Tickets!

 Britney Spears recently took in a performance of “the Little Mermaid” on Broadway with her two boys as part of some downtime while Brit is in Manhattan for her next stop in the “Circus” tour.

But for those of you who are also in NYC, Brit’s holding a little contest that involves finding her and winning free front row tickets to her concert.  Read on for more details.


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Britney Looks Sexy While Clubbing

Britney Spears got her hair did (back to blonde!!) yesterday and to celebrate went out to Grand Star Jazz Club at 1 AM and stayed until 3 AM.

Now before all of you get your panties in a wad because Britney is out clubbing again, let me remind you that A) she kept all of her clothes on B) she’s not with Paris Hilton and C) girl hasn’t gone clubbing in over a year and she’s become a completely different person since then, comeback included, so let’s cut her a break, mmkay?

More pictures after the jump.

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