Gaga Wears Stupid Shoes, Falls. Laughter Ensues.

While I enjoy Lady Gaga’s music, I will be the first to admit that she is a complete famewhore and has been getting consistently more and more stuck up this year when discussing her “art.”  I will also admit that sometimes she doesn’t know when to tone down the crazy outfits, and until now they’ve never backfired on her.

SO I couldn’t hold back the laughter when I saw these epic pictures of Gaga falling face first at the airport while wearing some ridiculously high platform boots and then acting like she has no idea what happened.

Come inside for the pictures…. Also, am I the only one who thinks she looks like Marilyn Manson with the short hair?


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Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stone Nude… Again

Here’s your first look at Rolling Stone’s new issue with Lady Gaga on the cover, and personally, I believe this could become the iconic image for Gaga.  It’s worlds better than her last cover (with the bubbles)  and everything about it screams controversy (which there has already been a ton of).  The whole image strikes me as very Bowie/androgynous and I like that there’s just a plain white background which directs your attention straight at Gaga.  It’s very simple but really hard at the same time.

The issue supposedly hits newsstands tomorrow although I’m subscribed to Rolling Stone and haven’t received mine yet, so we’ll see…

Let me know what you think about the cover in the comments!

Lady Gaga Got Vampire Grillz for Her Mouf

Lady Gaga is going to have no problem being the girl with most cake for her birthday next Sunday.  “Why,” you may ask? That’s because Gaga got some fabulous Russian rose gold vampire grillz today as an early birthday present from the Haus.  AND I WANT THEM!!!!

And why am I posting this when you could just read it on her Twitter?  Because frankly, lately anything Gaga does is genius.

Come inside for a look…. (SHOW ME YOUR TEETH)

This Is Why Dita Von Teese Rocks

FIRST OF ALL, I made it through my first critique of the semester yesterday in my hardest class and recieved comments about the piece like “sophisticated” and “well-advanced”–huzzah!! My lack of blogging has been due to me researching my butt off for the project (“Clothes Make Up Who You Are”) and then actually doing the project.  But I’m back today with some fun things for all of you who read this blog!

The reason I wanted to do this is because while researching for this project because I’m going into the topic of vanity, I’ve really grown to love and respect Dita Von Teese more I had ever thought was possible (which is a lot since I’ve been a fan since 2007), and I thought I would share her awesome-ness for all of you.  After the cut you will find a new interview with Suicide Girls where she discusses how she creates her shows and the research she does to make them authentic and memorable, and above you’ll find one of my new favorite interviews of hers that she did while promoting her book Burlesque and the Art of the Teese.

Personally, I think what Dita does is an art form and it’s what separates her from people like Jenna Jameson who do it just because they like sex.  If you don’t believe me read on for a pretty inspirational interview from the burlesque performer…. Continue reading

Rihanna Forgot What Clothes Are in the Rated R Booklet

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know, I really like how Rihanna portrayed herself in the 20/20 interview, but I’m not buying this hard, edgy image AT ALL.  Why, you may ask?  It’s simple:  her music doesn’t back up her edgy look.  There’s nothing unique, mind-blowing, or edgy about it.  It’s all still very generic, and typical of much of the music out these days.

Girl, take a note from Santigold and get some style in your music.

On that note (no pun intended), click away for a look at her Rated R booklet.  I was close to saying she looks fierce, but this image is obviously so manufactured that I’m not even going to.  And taking off your clothes isn’t exactly the best message to send to your young fans unless there’s an actual empowering reason behind it.  Just sayin’.

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Lady Gaga Releases “Bad Romance” Video; World Collectively Dies in Awe

After much delay and hype, Lady Gaga has finally released her video for “Bad Romance”, virtually proving she is the most visually entertaining artist in pop music right now.

Currently, I’m in such a state of shock and awe, that I’m incapable of writing a review other than to say my mind is blown.  Everything in this video is over the top, edgy, fierce and absolutely crazy.  The ending is also pretty freakin’ epic.  So I really have nothing else to say other than I have never been more honored to have her following me on Twitter.

Image Source

So please, come inside for the video. Click me.

You Wish You Looked This Hot at 43


Here’s Dionne Stacey Dash at  theJimmy Choo for H&M Collection Event. 

This woman never ages. 


How could you do this to me?! And right before yearbook pictures?? What am I going to tell my grandchildren?!!

Dita Von Teese Introduces Her New Wonderbra

Come inside for a look at the “Party Edition” space by Wonderbra starring Dita Von Teese….


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First Official Look At Lady Gaga’s Calendar

Your first look at Lady Gaga’s official 2010 calendar is finally here!  The photographs were obviously taken before she decided to wear some of her crazier outfits, but they still look pretty cool.

You can see a few pictures after the cut, and as a special Friday bonus you can also see an HQ video of her VMAs perforamance!


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IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!

The movie event that I’ve been waiting for ALL EFFING SUMMER has finally arrived, and I could not be more excited (as you can see from the exclamation points).

I’m seeing “Jennifer’s Body” tonight at 9:30! Eeeeeeeeeee!!

Expect a review coming tomorrow.

Is anyone else seeing this magical movie tonight?  Or any other movie for that matter?

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