The Emmy’s Best and Worst Dressed

Let the stunning Heidi Klum invite you in for the Emmy’s Best and Worst dressed list….

To be honest, I was a little bored with this year’s Emmys.  The ceremony was okay (Neil Patrick Harris was a good host but that’s about the only good thing I can remember about it), and the fashions were…okay.  There was really no one who made me spit out my drink and go, “WHAT IN THE HALE WERE YOU THINKING, CHILD?!?” Which was kind of disappointing.  Still, there were some girls who need to fire their stylists ASAP and others who should give them a pay raise.  I give you:  My list of the best and worst dressed at the Emmys.



Let’s kick things off with the best of the night: Drew Barrymore.  Sure, she’s had her fair share of fashion mishaps (Golden Globes 2009, anyone?) but girl got it RIGHT ON at the Emmys.  She looked absolutely beautiful in this pink gown with simple hair and make-up.  Best dressed of the night, hands down.


January had a pretty good night: her show “Mad Men” won Best Drama and she looked gorgeous on the red carpet.  Granted, she looks flawless pretty much every time you see her, this dress is beautiful.  I love the gold embroidery at the top and the way it is almost divided into two parts beginning at the waist. 


Seal and Heidi Klum ALWAYS dress to the nines and they always look so fabulous togther.  I was a little sad that Heidi didn’t wear that beautiful egg costume (*cough*) that one of her Project Runway contestants created, she still looked absolutely stunning in this dress.



And this is how you own a red carpet six months after having a baby.  Alysson looked radiant in this black gown with flowy hair that was let down, and very little jewelry.  I really think it’s a theme of the night that less was more at the Emmys.


FINALLY!  I’ve been waiting years to be able to put JLove a best dressed list and it’s about time she got herself a good stylist.  She really looked beautiful in this elegant yellow dress and soft, wavy hair.  I know some people said it was very prom-esque, but I think it’s really nice.  Keep this up, girl!


Here’s my problem with Leighton Meester’s look:  the make-up.  If she could have just LAID OFF the hooker lipstick and eye shadow she might have looked a little more decent.  The dress, though, does kind of make it look like she has these huge couch cushions on her shoulders so that needs to go too.  Minus all of this she might have been able to get away this mess without looking like she just left skating practice.


There is just so much wrong here.  First of all, whoever told Blake it would be a great idea to go to the Emmys with her HAIR IN A BRAID needs to be shot.  You do not go to an award show looking like Pipi Longstocking. Secondly, the fact that she looks her boobs could pop out at any second at the slit on the dress is a little unnecessary because there’s so much going on at the top.  The dress is a gorgeous color though so I think if she had worn her hair down and the neckline wasn’t so far down, this would look really nice.  Instead, I’m almost 99% sure the FCC was just WAITING for something to pop out so they could sue.


Oh, Kimberly.  What is going on here?  The long sleeve that should have just been cut off? The way the dress doesn’t do any favors to your body?  Nothing about this is working.  At all.  So you’re getting worst dressed of the night.


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  1. I feel like Heidi is preggers every time I see her! She and Seal are just popping them out one right after the other, aren’t they? I think she’s making an army of fashion models. lol

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