Dita Von Teese is the Star of Cointreauus’s First Webisode

Good morning!

I pretty much knew it was going to be a wonderful day today when I got my annual monthly Dita von Teese newsletter which featured a link to watch a short film (or commercial…) Dita did for Cointreauus.  In the “webisode” Dita plays Miss Margarita and basically looks sexy and delicious the entire episode while only saying a few things.

It’s glamorous, sexy and very short.  And the video can be found after the jump.  Enjoy! Continue reading

This Is Why Dita Von Teese Rocks

FIRST OF ALL, I made it through my first critique of the semester yesterday in my hardest class and recieved comments about the piece like “sophisticated” and “well-advanced”–huzzah!! My lack of blogging has been due to me researching my butt off for the project (“Clothes Make Up Who You Are”) and then actually doing the project.  But I’m back today with some fun things for all of you who read this blog!

The reason I wanted to do this is because while researching for this project because I’m going into the topic of vanity, I’ve really grown to love and respect Dita Von Teese more I had ever thought was possible (which is a lot since I’ve been a fan since 2007), and I thought I would share her awesome-ness for all of you.  After the cut you will find a new interview with Suicide Girls where she discusses how she creates her shows and the research she does to make them authentic and memorable, and above you’ll find one of my new favorite interviews of hers that she did while promoting her book Burlesque and the Art of the Teese.

Personally, I think what Dita does is an art form and it’s what separates her from people like Jenna Jameson who do it just because they like sex.  If you don’t believe me read on for a pretty inspirational interview from the burlesque performer…. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Ideas For Anyone Young, Awesome and Fabulous

Are you trying to figure out what to get someone for the holidays and in need of some shopping?? Me too! Let’s shop together!!

Evan Rachel Wood Debuts Her New Look: Brunette

This is for all the Evan Rachel Wood haters:


Because she looked absolutely gorgeous last night at the Fashion Group International Night of Stars event.  Wearing Gucci and sporting newly dyed hair, Evan was pretty much the definition of the following: fierce, flawless, fabulous, innovative, daring, beautiful etc.  Also contrary to OK’s report, Evan and Dita DID NOT cross paths, nor did Evan make her cry. Dita took to her Twitter to clear up the matter, writing this gem:

I would like to send out a big SUCK IT to OK magazine for taking the theme to an especially low level with their report on me. I had a fabulous time and was very honored to be there presenting an award to my dear friend Stephen Jones. I have absolutely no sadness, anger or animosity regarding any elements of my divorce that occurred 3 years ago. I’ve moved on, and the media should do the same. SHAME on OK magazine for publicizing such a malicious and false story. The proof is in the pictures…my black eyeliner is in perfect place.

Love them both, and they both looked great at the event.  I’m also a big fan of Evan’s new hair.  The red was nice, but it kind of washed her out if she chose to wear black (which happened to be a lot), so this is really what she needs to make herself pop.

Anyways, a few more pictures after the jump!  Enjoy!

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Dita Von Teese Introduces Her New Wonderbra

Come inside for a look at the “Party Edition” space by Wonderbra starring Dita Von Teese….


Continue reading

Dita Von Teese Gets Beautiful

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese was spotted leaving a West Hollywood nail salon Wednesday looking absolutely gorgeous.  (Really, she is one of the loveliest women in Hollywood.)  Wearing a white tank, with floral print dress and green heels, Dita made her way to her car amidst the paparazzi.

Dita happens to be dating a new guy, French actor and aristocrat, Count Louie-Marie Castelabajac and was seen carrying a gold Eiffel Tower charm on with her keys. 

More pictures after the cut….

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