Letter From Madonna: Love Wins


If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you might have heard about a Malawi couple that was recently released from jail after being sent there for the “crime” of homosexuality.  Madonna was one of the celebrities who campaigned for their release and wrote a letter today calling Americans to action to support the human rights campaign in Malawi currently.

Dear Friend,

I have always believed love conquers all – yesterday I got to see it in action.

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Why Fleeetwood Mac’s Rumours Should Be Required Listening For Anyone In Their Twenties


For years one of my best friends in the entire world was (and is) absolutely obsessed with Fleetwood Mac.  She would buy nearly everything relating to them or Stevie Nicks (her goddess) and almost cried when I gave her Stevie’s greatest hits one year for Christmas.  I always respected her love of them, and I always had a general idea of who Stevie Nicks was but I because was either A) lost in my grunge period or B) lost in my indie rock period, I never got around to actually listening to Fleetwood Mac until this past March when I was home for spring break.

And then it was as if every piece of my confusion, anger, hurt, and resilience was found in that record the first time I heard it.  I had never, since Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville, felt so connected to an album.   And I realized, I was very happy I had waited until I was twenty to listen to this. Continue reading

Jeff Buckley: Just As Powerful 13 Years Later

Thirteen years ago tonight, Jeff Buckley waded into the Wolf (or as we in Memphis call it, Mississippi) River and never returned.  His body was found a few days later facing Beale Street–a peculiar and tragic end to the Buckley saga.  His father, noted folk musician of the sixties Tim Buckley, had died at the age of twenty-eight of a heroin overdose.  Jeff barely knew him.  And now, thirteen years later, Jeff’s memory and music seems to be even more powerful than when he was alive. Continue reading

Katy Perry Performs California Gurls (to a mostly dead crowd)

I’ll admit, for a while I was skeptical and worried about if Katy Perry could survive 2010 after America has become the United State of Gaga but with the release of her new single California Gurls I’m beginning to breathe easy. Yes, I love Katy Perry and you can shove it if you don’t.  I saw her live AND have her autograph.

The song has recently clocked in at number two on Billboard and for good reason, it’s a fun, summery song.  Katy recently performed the single at some event the CW was doing (nothing the CW does is noteworthy or important anymore) but oddly the audience was not having it.  Homegirl gave it her all but there was basically no movement, dancing, or hands going up like she requested.  (To which I say, please give me your effing ticket so IIIIII can enjoy it)  Katy gave it her all though and put on a lovely performance which you can watch after the jump!

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About Five Thousand of My Favorite Actors Show Up At Cannes

(Please try to restrain yourself due to the adorableness of Ryan Gosling and Child. Do not click if you are prone to losing self-control while looking at images of cuteness overload or award-winning, amazing, perfect, extraordinary etc actors/actresses all in one post.)

Cate Blanchett Is W Magazine’s Stunning Covergirl

Can I just say that the goddess of an actress Cate Blanchett has probably created the most stunning magazine cover I’ve seen all year?  The woman is fierce as hell and WORKS IT for this cover.  Cate always looks elegant and the rest of the profile is so beautiful, so I seriously can not wait to get this issue.

The June issue will be available beginning May 25 and you can get a sneak peak inside….

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Dita Von Teese is the Star of Cointreauus’s First Webisode

Good morning!

I pretty much knew it was going to be a wonderful day today when I got my annual monthly Dita von Teese newsletter which featured a link to watch a short film (or commercial…) Dita did for Cointreauus.  In the “webisode” Dita plays Miss Margarita and basically looks sexy and delicious the entire episode while only saying a few things.

It’s glamorous, sexy and very short.  And the video can be found after the jump.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Celebrity Photographer Tom Munro Publishes New Book

Celebrity photographer Tom Munro has published a new book of fabulous, classy pictures of various A-list celebrities including Christian Bale (above), Lady Gaga, The Queen Madonna, and Johnny Depp.  Along with every picture is text written by Munro about the subjects and his experience photographing them.  Munro offers very interesting perspectives on all of the celebrities featured and my favorite was what he had to say about Gaga as he pretty much hits the nail on the head.

To see more pictures and quotes come inside….



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The Magnificent B Has a New Affiliate!

Exciting news everyone!

I’m happy to announce that my blog has a new affiliate in the form of the fabulous Gossip Girl blog Chuck and Blair: The Perfect Pair.  As a blog that was created with the idea of GG in my mind, I’m really excited to join together with this awesome blog that has everything from cast interviews to how-to guides on getting the cast’s style featured on it.  Be sure to check it out when you get a chance!  You won’t be disappointed. Click me for the blog!

I AM LOVE Trailer Gives Me an Eyegasm


As a huge fan of Tilda Swinton, when I heard the news that she was at Sundance promoting a movie with such a regal title as “I Am Love” I immediately knew this was going to be one on my must see list.  For one thing, I adore decadent, glamorous movies.  Add that to movies with sweeping soundtracks and beautiful costumes and I will be first in line to see your film.  It’s an added bonus that this movie promised all of this plus the fierceness of Tilda Swinton.

So, I am very happy to report that the “I Am Love” teaser trailer released recently by Magnolia Pictures offered all of that and more.  I’m pretty sure all of my senses (except smell?) collectively, happily died while watching it. The trailer can be found after the jump along with one more image from the movie! Continue reading