Lady Gaga: The Perfect Pop Creation

I found this article about Lady Gaga and I found it to be pretty interesting drawing comparisons to David Bowie, Queen, and every other glam rock star of the 70s and 80s, so I thought I would post it here for you guys. Enjoy!

See, GaGa came along with Iggy Pop’s sluttishness, Bowie’s pretention and Lou’s Warhol wet-dream and decided to make music that was equally pompous and knowingly dumb as the aforementioned canonised rock stars. However, GaGa suffers from being too brash and too brazen in her quest for fame. She’s hungry for it to the point where it’s borderline perverted. Continue reading

A Jeff Buckley Musical Can Never Happen

jb.jpg picture by crazyb3

While,yes, I am probably one of the biggest Jeff Buckley fans on the planet (that is me you see bidding on out of stock JB postcards on eBay etc) and I will eat up anything and everything having to do with him because he’s been one of my biggest influences, Mary Guibert needs to hold the phone if she thinks creating a “Last Goodbye” musical is a good idea. Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Appears on Celebrity Hoarders

Because she needs money to buy MOAR clothes, Lindsay Lohan appeared on the Insider’s Hoarders: Celebrity Edition to show off her disaster area of an apartment.

Part 2 airs tonight, but seriously all I can do when I see this is laugh out loud.  Shouldn’t she be in Paris, like, “designing” or something?

This Is Why Dita Von Teese Rocks

FIRST OF ALL, I made it through my first critique of the semester yesterday in my hardest class and recieved comments about the piece like “sophisticated” and “well-advanced”–huzzah!! My lack of blogging has been due to me researching my butt off for the project (“Clothes Make Up Who You Are”) and then actually doing the project.  But I’m back today with some fun things for all of you who read this blog!

The reason I wanted to do this is because while researching for this project because I’m going into the topic of vanity, I’ve really grown to love and respect Dita Von Teese more I had ever thought was possible (which is a lot since I’ve been a fan since 2007), and I thought I would share her awesome-ness for all of you.  After the cut you will find a new interview with Suicide Girls where she discusses how she creates her shows and the research she does to make them authentic and memorable, and above you’ll find one of my new favorite interviews of hers that she did while promoting her book Burlesque and the Art of the Teese.

Personally, I think what Dita does is an art form and it’s what separates her from people like Jenna Jameson who do it just because they like sex.  If you don’t believe me read on for a pretty inspirational interview from the burlesque performer…. Continue reading

Sundance Wrap-Up

Sundance 2010

First of all, I would like to congratulate Kristen Stewart for not having the worst film at Sundance. (More on her films later) That honor goes to Chace Crawford’s gem of a film, “Twelve”, about the sad lives of drug-addicted rich kids. Continue reading