Gabby Sidibe Compares Justin Timberlake to Cold Stone Ice Cream

Gabby Sidibe spoke with the NY Post’s PopWrap recently and in doing so compared Justin Timberlake to food, and how when she meets him she’s going to try not to flip out.

The whole interview is adorable and you can read the JT parts after the cut.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Lady Gaga Gets Hit In the Head With a Bouquet of Flowers

Last night a monster in Atlanta got a little too carried away and threw a bouquet of flowers onto the stage during Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” performance.  Sadly, the bouquet didn’t land on the stage but on Gaga’s head instead.  She recovered quickly though and the only thing that was damaged was the fan’s self-esteem as he/she is probably sitting at home mortified because they hit Lady Gaga in the head.

Also, WERK IT GURL!  I dance like that when I’m up in the club too!

Mr. and Mrs. Mariah Carey Do Capri

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Mariah Carey and Nick Carey Cannon attended the 14th Annual Capri Internation Film Festival in Capri, Italy last night and I have to say, Mariah looked gawgeous.  Seriously, she looks glowing and her dress is really pretty.  (And though the fur is ridiculous, she’s just being Mimi…)

In other news, last Friday Dave Karger over at EW’s Oscar Watch added Mariah to a a list of longshots of underrated performances that should get an Oscar nod.  It would be incredible if it did happen, and fingers crossed that it will.  Mariah was seriously just as good Monique and Gabby.

More pictures after the cut!

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Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens Go See Avatar (is this movie any good??)

Here are Zac and Vanessa on their way to see that trillion dollar film Avatar last night in LA which basically gives me the chance to ask the question IS THIS MOVIE WORTH THE THREE HOURS OF MY LIFE IT WILL TAKE TO SEE IT?

I had the chance to Saturday but passed because I was too tired but seriously, I have a gift card to Regal Cinemas–I need to know if it’s worth seeing.

Annnd more pictures are after the cut!


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Lady Gaga Would Like You To Know That She’s Not Poisonous

Ahh, Lady Gaga, I can always count on you to deliver some crazy quote or do some insane photo shoot to make my job easier.  And I love you for that.

Case in point, a recent interview with MTV News (seriously, why do they even bother interviewing artists now?) where she says this gem:

“When I say things like, ‘Do you love me? Do you want to f—me? Come on, Hollywood, take my picture,’ it’s the ultimate epitome of what that fame monster is. And somehow, if you make fun of it or you make it a bit more tangible, fame is something that my fans can have for themselves. It’s not quite so poisonous.  Continue reading

Britney Spears Dyes Her Hair Black Again

Some pictures have surfaced of Briteny Spears’s new hair and while I’ve never been a big fan of her with the black hair as that used to be synonymous with her going crazy, I think she looks pretty.

As you can see it’s a VERY slow news week because all I can find to write about is Britney’s hair but whatever.  More pictures after the cut of Brit making her way into the Mandrian Hotel yesterday in LA.  Do you guys like the new look?


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The Trailer For Sex and the City 2 Is Here!

Can someone please explain this ugly?

So as much as I love Sex and the City, I actually had no idea the new trailer had dropped for the sequel.

My thoughts for it are this: 1) WHY are the girls riding on camels and walking through the desert?  That seems like a bit of a stretch in terms of not making a scene too ridiculous.  2) Why is a lot of this movie taking place in locations that are not NYC?  The city is just as much of a character as Miranda.  3) The clothes are incredible, as always 4) Carrie and Mr. Big together looks like old times 5) Overall, I’m excited, but hesitant.

And here’s why: I’m really hoping that SATC doesn’t go for camp this time around and instead of it being funny, it comes off as cheesy and embarrassing.  Some of the pictures from the 80s flashbacks makes me wonder how they’re going to incorporate that into the film sensibly and I’m hoping the star cameos don’t take the focus away from what’s actually important about this series: the friendship and the city.  If they can stick with those two things and make it smart and funny, I think it’ll be a great movie.

HQ Trailer after the cut! Continue reading

Taylor Momsen Scores Her First Big Modeling Campaign

Momsen, New Look's new muse?Photo: Getty

Snaps to Little J–she’s just scored herself her first maja modeling campaign!  According to Nylon, Taylor shot her first add for a “very big fashion brand” on December 18th.  While the news is still unconfirmed by Taylor’s people, I don’t see any reason why a brand wouldn’t pick her up. She has more style than most women in their twenties, and she’s quite the outspoken fireball needed to spice up a campaign.  Plus, you KNOW those pictures are going to be fierce.

What do you guys think?  Any particular brand you would like to see Little J reppin’?  Sound off in the comments!


Happy Holidays From Dave Franco (And Other Less Important People)

New video via!  Enjoy!

Also, what did everyone think of Tuesday’s episode of “Scrubs”?  Personally, I like Zach Braff but pretty much all of the sequences involving JD are getting old so I’m glad he’s leaving.  I really love everyone on the new cast though, so I’m excited to see an episode where they’re all prominently featured.

ALSO PSA: I read that “Scrubs” might not be renewed due to less than stellar ratings.  This can’t happen.  Dave’s awesomeness needs to stay on the air.  So please, stop watching online or boycotting it because it will “ruin your ending” and  watch the show.  It’s actually really funny.

Hunter Parrish Talks “It’s Complicated” and Being Bad

I really love Hunter Parrish, although he’s one of those actors I forget about a lot because he never does anything to make he hate him like date someone who’s the equivelent of Satan/Lindsay Lohan, act pretentious, or say something stupid for attention.  But he’s starring Meryl Streep’s new movie “It’s Complicated” and I found this interview which I thought was fun, so enjoy!  He seems like such a nice guy.

Hunter Parrish won’t stop apologizing over the phone. “I’ve never done this to anyone,” he says when he calls a few minutes late for our interview.

Sure. That’s what all you young (he’s 22), hot (see to the right) Hollywood actors say.

“Oh, no,” he groans. “Now I’m one of those guys.” Continue reading