Gabby Sidibe Compares Justin Timberlake to Cold Stone Ice Cream

Gabby Sidibe spoke with the NY Post’s PopWrap recently and in doing so compared Justin Timberlake to food, and how when she meets him she’s going to try not to flip out.

The whole interview is adorable and you can read the JT parts after the cut.  Enjoy!
PopWrap: OK, so what was more awesome about 2009: getting a Golden Globe nomination or having Justin Timberlake announce your nomination?
Gabourey: OK, here’s the deal with that. The way I feel about the Golden Globe nomination versus Justin Timberlake announcing it, it’s like the nomination is That’s How I Roll from Cold Stone Creamery and Justin saying my name is like cherries on top of That’s How I Roll from Cold Stone Creamery.

PW: So what will you do when and if you finally meet him?
Gabourey: Oh, I’m going to pretend to be cool for exactly 10 seconds. Like, when I met Lance…

PW: On the “Jay Leno show,” yeah, we all say [laughs].
Gabourey: How awesome was that?!? I just screamed but then I thought “calm down so you can be friends with him.” So with Justin, I’m going to fake being cool for as long as I can so I can possibly be friends with him, maybe more! [laughs] See, I feel like he’s not going to friend a fan.

PW: Um, you’re peers now!
Gabourey: Are we? Oh please, I’m so not on Justin’s level!

PW: Does he have a Golden Globe nomination? I don’t think so!
Gabourey: True, but he’s got like a million Grammys!

PW: Well, I think Golden Globes trump Grammys — it’s even got twice as many “Gs” in in!
Gabourey: Word. And there’s one “G” in Gabourey too — booya!



  1. I like Gabby! she’s so cool!

    • isn’t she?? I freakin love her–she just seems like so much fun

  2. I absolutely admire your blog.I can see you are putting a lot of effort and hard work on your posts, I’m sure I’d visit here more often.

    • Thanks for the comment! Although I conveniently deleted your spam 🙂

  3. […] Gabby Sidibe Compares Justin Timberlake to Cold Stone Ice Cream […]

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