What’s New in Independent Film


That sound you hear is me squealing because summer movie season is finally over and now, my favorite time of the year is about to begin: fall movie season, which leads into Awards Season.  Meaning some really, really, REALLY good movies are about to head your way and a lucky few will make it to the Oscars.

I decided to do a post about some upcoming indies that might (and will probably) get overlooked come Award Season because of the standard “Oscar-fair”, but that doesn’t make them any less special.  So why don’t you come inside to take a sneak peak at the trailers of some new independent films that I’m really excited for…. Continue reading

King and Queen Jay-Z and Beyonce Attend a Press Conference

Beyonce and Jay-Z attended a “press conference” the other day and OH MY GOSH SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS.

B’s a natural beauty, and it’s always nice to see her looking so stunning and happy.  And it’s a rarity to see her her out with her man too…

Anyways a few more of B and Jay after the jump, plus a video of Sasha Fierce performing at the Essence Festival.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Proves Young Adults Actually Are Intelligent


While promoting “500 Days of Summer”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a ton of press and interviews for the movie that I found pretty inspiring and funny, so I thought you guys might like them too.  His answer on what  love is in the video interview with The Movie Guy is probably one of the best answers I’ve ever heard to the question.

On a side note, Joe’s quickly becoming one of my favorite people ever.  He just seems like the ultimate best friend, and I really, really respect him for his love of movies and art, and everything he’s doing to prove some teenagers actually are intelligent.

To see all of these interview (two done by Zooey!!) click away.

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Taylor Momsen Defines Fierce On the Set of “Gossip Girl”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Y’all know how much I love Taylor Momsen.  Homegirl puts all those other chicks to shame on “Gossip Girl” with her absolute fierceness, and she’s only sixteen.  Sooo when I found these new candids of her I had to post them because A) she rules and B) apparently all of you love her too because Taylor’s posts always compete with Rob Pattinson’s for the most views.  Crazy, I know.

Anyways, here’s Taylor on the set of GG in Long Island, New York  August 14th filming a few scenes for an upcoming episode.  With the new season only a few weeks away, are my fellow fanatics as ready as I am??!

More after the jump!


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Beth Ditto Is So Fetch At Reading Festival

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Beth Ditto of the Gossip made her way into the Reading Festival last night performing at the NME/Radio 1 Stage.  According to reviews, The Gossip performed a stellar set that included fans dancing on stage and, as usaul, a very charismatic Beth.  Although I don’t think there was any stripping this year…

Haters to the left, but I love Beth and her complete disregard for social norms and what people think of her.  She has confidence and a lot of balls, and I respect her for that.  I’m seeing her in October when the Gossip are on tour and I’m going to demand that she becomes my best friend.

Anyways, plenty more pics after the jump including one of Beth and her boyfriend/girlfriend (? I think it’s a girl transitioning to a boy) Freddie.

Sorry for the Getty tags–blame it on the source. 🙂

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New Moon Is Already Selling Tix + LOADS More Inside Scoop

Note to Twilight fans:  If you’re planning on going to see “New Moon” at midnight, you might want to consider buying your tickets soon.  As in now.

Story from Examiner:

The next move in the Twilight Saga: New Moon has been set to release some three months from now on November 20, 2009. Yet fans are already finding  tickets for the opening night at local theaters around the country becoming scarce.
According to theaters across the country, fans are starting to get ready for this world wide movie release and purchasing tickets to secure their viewing
Another firm indication that the Twilight Movie New Moon could sell out for the premier day is the Twitter chatter among Twilight fans who are currently online. Fans are proclaiming their place in the theater and letting others know that they will be attending on the premier night. Additionally, the fans are starting to share how many tickets are left at local area theaters.

But wait!  There’s TONSSSS more…. Pictures, gossip, and articles of Rob, Taylor, Dakota, Kristen–blah, blah, blah after the cut. Continue reading

First Look At Lady Gaga In V Magazine

Exclusive: Lady Gaga’s September V Covers and a Sneak Peek at Her Fashion Spread!

Photo: Mario Testino for V

The September issue of V hits newsstands tomorrow and Lady Gaga is gracing the cover looking like Dontatella Versace.   I will admit, even though she looks very orange, the bright colors and brilliant pink and orange color contrasts make for a very striking cover.  There will actually be two versions of this issue though, both with two different colored Marc Jacobs sunglasses on Gaga.  The spread was shot by photographer Mario Testino and as V editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains, he invisioned a New Wave-theme for the shoot.  “When the Marc Jacobs pink hooded coat and glasses came down the runway, I knew there was only one person I wanted to see in it: Lady Gaga,” editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains. “Growing up as a kid obsessed with new wave, I would cut up paper sunglasses and put them onto celebs’ faces on magazine covers. These plastic peel-on and peel-off glasses come in pink and blue and are actually based on the Marc Jacobs ones that came down the runway!” Yes, you read that correctly–you can actually peal off Gaga’s sunglasses and wear them yourself!

Props to Gan for coming up with such an ingenious idea.  They should do more creative stuff like this for magazines.  It makes them more fun and collectible. You can take a look at one more of Gaga’s photos inside, but be warned she’s naked (duh) and there’s some bush…


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