Lady Gaga Would Like You To Know That She’s Not Poisonous

Ahh, Lady Gaga, I can always count on you to deliver some crazy quote or do some insane photo shoot to make my job easier.  And I love you for that.

Case in point, a recent interview with MTV News (seriously, why do they even bother interviewing artists now?) where she says this gem:

“When I say things like, ‘Do you love me? Do you want to f—me? Come on, Hollywood, take my picture,’ it’s the ultimate epitome of what that fame monster is. And somehow, if you make fun of it or you make it a bit more tangible, fame is something that my fans can have for themselves. It’s not quite so poisonous. 

“I’m evolving through time. As a fashion story, the clothing begins in the sort of warbly, blue amoebic state, with lots of light, and it’s kind of spacey, and then I grow bones, and then I grow hair, and then I grow horns, and then I become a sexy, full-bodied woman in a world full of war and military. And then I become myself, by the end of the show, and it’s this sort of apocalyptic rebirth when I appear in the orbit and I’ve done it again.”

She’s like those crazy popstar caricatures you see in movies like “Monster in Law”, or whatever movie it is with the batsh-t crazy popstar, and you laugh at how ridiculous they are, but this chick is FOR REAL which just makes it all the more entertaining. But honestly, I love that she actually thinks so deeply about what her costumes and videos.  She has a concept behind everything and is very creative with everything.  Anyone else care to thrown in any thoughts?

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