Dave Franco is still alive, talks about working with Zac Efron

Despite Scrubs being canceled, I still stand by my statement that Dave Franco is awesome and will prove himself to be a great comedic actor.  And even though I was totally resiliant in my efforts to NOT get Scrubs canceled apparently America has other priorities.  Whatever.  Eff all yall.

But luckily Davie’s still getting work and his next appearance will be on the big screen with Zac Efron (playing his best friend) in “Charlie St. Cloud.”  I’m kind of worried about St. Cloud in general because it seems almost cloyingly cute but I’m hoping for the best and I’m sure Dave will be one of the more memorable aspects of it…  The movie opens next month and will be a major test for Efron on whether he can continue to transition smoothly into adult roles.  In the meantime, Dave spoke with Access Hollywood about the experience of working with Zac in a brief clip that can be seen after the jump!  Continue reading

Happy Holidays From Dave Franco (And Other Less Important People)

New video via abc.com!  Enjoy!

Also, what did everyone think of Tuesday’s episode of “Scrubs”?  Personally, I like Zach Braff but pretty much all of the sequences involving JD are getting old so I’m glad he’s leaving.  I really love everyone on the new cast though, so I’m excited to see an episode where they’re all prominently featured.

ALSO PSA: I read that “Scrubs” might not be renewed due to less than stellar ratings.  This can’t happen.  Dave’s awesomeness needs to stay on the air.  So please, stop watching online or boycotting it because it will “ruin your ending” and  watch the show.  It’s actually really funny.

Dave Franco is Access Hollywood’s Rising Star–Um, Duh.

Access Hollywood is a little tardy to the party since I already named Dave Franco one to watch, but hey, better late than never.

Below you’ll find the splendiferous article on Dave and a new video interview!


With his square jaw-line, arched eyebrows that frame his deep brown eyes and his ever-so-charming asymmetrical smile, “Scrubs” newbie Dave Franco is not only a handsome looking 24-year-old. Despite being a fresh face, he’s an oddly familiar one too.

There are a host of reasons to get to know AccessHollywood.com’s newest Rising Star and none of them have to do with his Golden Globe-winning older brother and “Acting With James Franco” “Funny Or Die” skit co-star, James Franco. Continue reading

Your First Look at Dave Franco on Scrubs!

Dave Franco in "Scrubs"

As those of you who religeously read my blog know, Dave Franco is set to make his debut on “Scrubs” next Tuesday night as the rich, cocky medical student Cole.   And if you knew that, then you probably know I’m ridiculously excited that he’s back spreading his awesomeness on TV again (sadly “Do Not Disturbed” was prematurely cancelled).

So much to my happiness while browsing around YouTube last night at 3 AM due to insomnia and ADD, I found a just released clip from ABC featuring Davey Dave, and I’m happy to say that everything looks very promising for the series.  So click away for your first look at the new and improved “Scrubs”!



Continue reading

Dave Franco Has a New Movie Out, and It’s More Fun Than It Should Be


In the event you haven’t heard, Dave Franco has a new movie out called “The Shortcut” and it’s way more fun than it should be.  The horror movie centers around Derek, who moves to a new town after his little brother gets into a fight with another kid at school (we find out later though SPOILER ALERT that things were a lot more gruesome than we were lead to believe).  Derek has no problem making friends like Mark (Dave Franco) and Mark’s girlfriend, but he soon finds out about the town’s local Boo Radley when his little brother wanders into some woods inhabited by a crazy old man and is severely beaten.  After finding out another student’s dog has gone missing, he and his friends decide to go find out what’s really going on in the woods which leads to… Well, I’m sure you can guess what it leads to.

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Top Ten Young Hollywood Actors To Watch

Lately Young Hollywood has been cropping out actors more interested in working on good projects than partying.  (A novel idea, I know)  While most of the actresses who spent their nights out at nightclubs have endured several rehab stints, psychiatric stays, and failed careers, this new group has continued to make fresh and intriguing choices in their film roles, and have given honest and authentic performances. Thus, granting them some longevity in a business that deems you only as good as your last project.  It’s an old saying that in Hollywood, only the strong survive.

Qualifications for being on this list include  being under 25, NOT working as a  lead on the “Twilight” series (that is not acting), at least one indie film, and actually having a personality.   Stars who are considered “vanilla” can go join Hilary Duff in the “actor out of work” category.

So, I give you ten actors and actresses that are making their mark on film by being themselves–a little flawed, a little quirky, and very, very cool.

Won’t you come inside? Continue reading

Dave Franco in Interview Magazine!

I’m really excited Davey Dave Franco is finally starting to get some attention.  I’ve been a fan of his for almost a year now, and his videos on Funny or Die are hilarious.  For those of you not in the know, Dave just landed the lead on the new revamp of Scrubs, and also was Greg in “Superbad.” 

Dave was recently featured in Interview’s Discovery section and the answers he gives are pretty funny.   He obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously which is nice due to Hollywood being filled with so many pretentious guys lately who only want to talk about their “craft.”  Him and his brother James seem like the coolest guys in acting right now.

You can see for yourself, and read the interview after the jump!


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“Davey” Franco New Series Regular On “Scrubs”!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

James Franco’s little brother Dave Franco has been casted as a new series regular on the hit show “Scrubs.”  Davey will be the first of three new cast members being added this year.

YAY!!!!  I love Dave.  His Funny or Die videos are the best!

AND he was Greg in “Superbad.”

“People don’t forget.”


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