Zac Efron on Charlie St. Cloud cross-country promotional tour

Since Charlie St. Cloud comes out in two days, Zac Efron has been promoting the movie like his life depends on it.  And really, if you think about it, it does.  This is his first movie that should appeal to teens as well as adults and the first one where his acting chops will really be scrutinized.  I’m not really sure how it’s going to fare, but I do think it will be interesting to see how the critics react to his acting.  As I’ve said before, Zac’s an extremely talented actor, he just needs the right script to display it.

Anyway, Zac’s been on a cross-country tour for Charlie St. Cloud hitting nearly every major city in the US (except for mine, of course) and meeting tons of fans all of which you can find pictures of after the cut.  To me, Zac seems like one of the most genuinely nicest actor working right now and even though he’s pretty much bullet proof in interviews (I think I’ve only seen his real personality about five times in the past four years), I like that about him.  He keeps up appearences and projects only the best parts of himself.  Unless of course he’s perfect and everything you see in intervies is real.

((a zillion pictures and videos inside….))

Robyn releases adorable, amazing etc new video for “Hang With Me”

There’s just something about Robyn that I love so much.  She’s extremely cute, a badass, and her brand of pop music is actually smart and biting.  I just got her new album “Body Language Pt. 1” yesterday and I seriously haven’t been able to stop listening to it.  The only thing I dislike about it is that the single version of “Hang With Me” is not included…. Because it’s coming out with Pt. 2 released in September.

In support of that album, Robyn’s relased a new video for the song and holy crap is it great.  Leave it to Robyn to take the cliched touring idea and make it fresh and innovative.  The video really gives you an inside look at her personality and the spirit of being on the road.  And the song is all kinds of amazing.  So please come inside to watch….

((If you’re for real, and not pretend then I guess you can hang with me…))

James Franco and Freida Pinto on the set of Planet of the Apes prequel

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Here’s the thing about James Franco and Freida Pinto:  I really love them (even though as of a month ago James was looking like a drug addict) but not in a Planet of the Apes prequel.  I would like to know who told them this was a great idea for their career.  Did Mark Wahlberg’s huge fail of a movie not tell them anything!?  Didn’t Davey Franco say that James told him never to do a movie for the money?!?  Oh well…

More pictures of the pair after the cut along with some guy in a CGI monkey costume… Yes, really.


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Liz Phair releases surprise new album

Like most Liz fans, I’m both surprised and confused by the news that she released a new album this past weekend.  The album, titled Funstyle, is available for purchase on Phair’s site for only $5.99 (digital or physical copies can be purchased), but it’s the music that has everyone talking.  First off, let’s begin with Bollywood–the smart, if not completely batshit, single Phair decided to release as a preview for her album.  And before I go any further, you need to listen to the song to truly understand what I am talking about. Continue reading