BAFTA Nominations Are Released

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Hunter Parrish Talks “It’s Complicated” and Being Bad

I really love Hunter Parrish, although he’s one of those actors I forget about a lot because he never does anything to make he hate him like date someone who’s the equivelent of Satan/Lindsay Lohan, act pretentious, or say something stupid for attention.  But he’s starring Meryl Streep’s new movie “It’s Complicated” and I found this interview which I thought was fun, so enjoy!  He seems like such a nice guy.

Hunter Parrish won’t stop apologizing over the phone. “I’ve never done this to anyone,” he says when he calls a few minutes late for our interview.

Sure. That’s what all you young (he’s 22), hot (see to the right) Hollywood actors say.

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Anyone Young, Awesome and Fabulous

Are you trying to figure out what to get someone for the holidays and in need of some shopping?? Me too! Let’s shop together!!

Meryl Stree’s New Movie Gets an R Rating; I’m Still Seeing It!

Because it’s Christmas season, and everyone needs a fun, sassy movie to run off to the theater to see in order to escape their family, Meryl Streep has a new film coming out!

But if you’re under seventeen you might not be able to get in.

Currently, the Nancy Meyers directed film “It’s Complicated”, which also stars Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, has been slapped with an R rating due to “drug content and sexuality.”  But producers are doing their best to appeal the rating because they’re afraid it’s going to dash Oscar chances.

While I do think this movie will be entertaining, let’s not bluff here.  If Meryl gets nominated for anything this year (and she will), it will be “Julie and Julia.”  This movie does look fun, and it definitely seems like it will be a good time (Silas Hunter Parrish from “Weeds” is also in it!!), but I don’t see it winning any Oscars.  It’s more like the producers are terrified that it’s going to bomb at the box office if it doesn’t get the required guaranteed-to-be-successful PG-13 rating.

No matter what the rating is, I’m totally seeing this.  I’ll watch anything with Meryl in it.  And  this is like one of those movies you see with your best friend on a Saturday, then go to Starbucks and get a tall mocha light frap while discussing life and gossiping.  Also, for an added bonus you get to hear Meryl Streep say, “Apparently, I’m a slut!”

Trailer after the jump!


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Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin Cover Entertainment Weekly

Here’s your first look at Alec Baldwin and the fabulous Meryl Streep on the cover of Entertainment Weekly promoting their new movie “It’s Complicated.”  The film’s about two divorced parents who reunite for their son’s college graduation weekend.  The movie also stars Steve Martin (as Meryl Streep’s boyfriend) and “Weeds” star Hunter Parrish (who I’m guessing will be playing Alec and Meryl’s son?). 

With such an amazing cast, the movie should be one of the funniest of this season and I’m very excited to see all four of them interacting together.  

Come inside for the teaser article from EW, plus one more picture….


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Mamie Gummer is Engaged and Looks Stunning at Art Gala

Mami Gummer made an appearance at the Whitney Museum of Art Gala last night, and looked absolutely beautiful.  Last night was a pretty big night for Mamie, aside from attending a glitzy art gala, as she told People magazine that she’s engaged to actor Ben Walker! 

On a side note, she looks SO much like her mom, it’s insane.  I watched “Kramer Vs. Kramer” yesterday, and holy crap she looks almost identical to her mother in that movie.  Anyways pictures and story inside! Continue reading

Parents Vote David Beckham & Cheryl Cole as Best Role Models… Um, What?

Today a poll was released by the Children’s Society that said over half (55 percent to be exact) of parents considered David Beckham to a “good, or very good role model” while only 18% said he was not a good one.  Coming in second was Cheryl Cole who won with 40% of the vote for being a good role model (27%  said she was a bad one).  The poll was conducted between over 2,000 adults who said “only one in seven children” still look up to their father.  Many of the children, it was revealed, felt the same way about their mothers.  A statement released by the Children’s Society said:

“This poll reflects our concerns that many children are living without positive role models. If children are not looking up to adults this is not the children’s fault. Both parents and society at large have a responsibility to enact a change of heart in our society and actually live by the values that they espouse and be strong and positive role models, providing continuity and support to a child or young person’s life. At the moment this seems more aspiration than reality. Adults have a collective responsibility to make childhood better for all children.”

I really don’t know what to think about these results.  Cheryl Cole??  Didn’t she assault a nightclub worker?!  Plus, it’s not like Girls Aloud is the virtue of modesty. And David Beckham cheated on his wife.  Granted these were a few years ago, and I do think David is a really good father but… I’m not really sure I would want my kids looking up to these two. I really have no idea what else they’ve done that should be considered worthy of “role model” status besides being in the public eye and being beautiful.

So all I can say is: Children, please look to people who have accomplished something more than a hit record or winning a championship.  Have a valid reason for who you like!  I would vote Meryl Streep as a great role model for girls (and guys!) for the reason that she’s been married over thirty years, has raised a beautiful family of four that seem to all be very close, and in interviews she always comes across as very intelligent and powerful.  Plus, she’s showing at sixty a woman can be anyone they want to be.  It’s such a great message that she’s sending to women of any age, that just because you’re not flaunting your body and sexuality you can be taken seriously and given respect by men. As for the guys, why not James Franco?  He went back to college at thirty because he felt like he wasn’t happy and wanted to learn more, and after graduating. wound up pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing while also taking the most hours any student has ever had (sixty) at Columbia.  On top of the fact that he still acts (that’s usually a 12-14 hour day), he maintains all A’s in his classes and has been very honest and candid about his troubles as a teen and young adult actor, but says now he rarely even drinks and never smokes pot.  I would love for my kids to want to be like them.  But what about you TMB-ers?  Agree or disagree with the results of this poll?  And if you don’t agree with it, who would you want your child looking up to?  Because obviously, in a celebrity obsessed society we are going to have children looking up to movie stars, atheletes, and musicians whether we like it or not.

Top Ten Young Hollywood Actors To Watch

Lately Young Hollywood has been cropping out actors more interested in working on good projects than partying.  (A novel idea, I know)  While most of the actresses who spent their nights out at nightclubs have endured several rehab stints, psychiatric stays, and failed careers, this new group has continued to make fresh and intriguing choices in their film roles, and have given honest and authentic performances. Thus, granting them some longevity in a business that deems you only as good as your last project.  It’s an old saying that in Hollywood, only the strong survive.

Qualifications for being on this list include  being under 25, NOT working as a  lead on the “Twilight” series (that is not acting), at least one indie film, and actually having a personality.   Stars who are considered “vanilla” can go join Hilary Duff in the “actor out of work” category.

So, I give you ten actors and actresses that are making their mark on film by being themselves–a little flawed, a little quirky, and very, very cool.

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Natalie Portman Article and Pictures in Interview Magazine

Natalie Portman Interview Magazine Cover

I’ve always been a Natalie Portman fan.  Although she’s never been one of my all time favorites because she’s never done anything to make me loveher or hate her.  But I do love a lot of her movies.

Well, her interview in Interview magazine completely changed that.  I loveNatalie Portman after reading it.  She seems so funny, intelligent, and hopeful about the future of our country.  It was refreshing to read an interview of an actor in their twenties who isn’t complaining about the paparazzi and how they can’t just live their lives.  I loved how instead she talked about FINCA, her love of dirty rap music, and how there will be a female president one day.  Very inspiring and true. 

You can read the interview for yourself and see the beautiful pictures after the jump. Continue reading

The September Issue Trailer

I’m a little late posting this, but it’s better late than never, right?

“It’s a famine of beauty, it’s a famine of beauty!!”

I for one am ridiculously excited for this, and I don’t even read Vogue.  I love Anna Wintour for the simple fact that she runs probably the most successful and influential magazine in the country, and she has a huge amount of drive and determination. OBVIOUSLY she’s going to be picky about what she wants, and pretty intimidating.  She has a right to be, but a person can learn so much from someone like her.  Some of the most intimidating people I’ve ever had to work for have turned out to be the ones I’ve walked away from having the most respect for.  I could bring in the whole sexist issue (which there definitely is one), but there’s really no need to because it’s so obvious. Disagree with me if you want to, but everyone is entitled to my opinion: Anna rules.

OH and as an added bonus, after the jump you can watch her appearance on Letterman last week. LOVE the way she has a rise in her voice when saying “Macy’s?” in “Queens?”

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