I AM LOVE Trailer Gives Me an Eyegasm


As a huge fan of Tilda Swinton, when I heard the news that she was at Sundance promoting a movie with such a regal title as “I Am Love” I immediately knew this was going to be one on my must see list.  For one thing, I adore decadent, glamorous movies.  Add that to movies with sweeping soundtracks and beautiful costumes and I will be first in line to see your film.  It’s an added bonus that this movie promised all of this plus the fierceness of Tilda Swinton.

So, I am very happy to report that the “I Am Love” teaser trailer released recently by Magnolia Pictures offered all of that and more.  I’m pretty sure all of my senses (except smell?) collectively, happily died while watching it. The trailer can be found after the jump along with one more image from the movie! Continue reading

The Trailer For Sex and the City 2 Is Here!

Can someone please explain this ugly?

So as much as I love Sex and the City, I actually had no idea the new trailer had dropped for the sequel.

My thoughts for it are this: 1) WHY are the girls riding on camels and walking through the desert?  That seems like a bit of a stretch in terms of not making a scene too ridiculous.  2) Why is a lot of this movie taking place in locations that are not NYC?  The city is just as much of a character as Miranda.  3) The clothes are incredible, as always 4) Carrie and Mr. Big together looks like old times 5) Overall, I’m excited, but hesitant.

And here’s why: I’m really hoping that SATC doesn’t go for camp this time around and instead of it being funny, it comes off as cheesy and embarrassing.  Some of the pictures from the 80s flashbacks makes me wonder how they’re going to incorporate that into the film sensibly and I’m hoping the star cameos don’t take the focus away from what’s actually important about this series: the friendship and the city.  If they can stick with those two things and make it smart and funny, I think it’ll be a great movie.

HQ Trailer after the cut! Continue reading

Taylor Momsen Scores Her First Big Modeling Campaign

Momsen, New Look's new muse?Photo: Getty

Snaps to Little J–she’s just scored herself her first maja modeling campaign!  According to Nylon, Taylor shot her first add for a “very big fashion brand” on December 18th.  While the news is still unconfirmed by Taylor’s people, I don’t see any reason why a brand wouldn’t pick her up. She has more style than most women in their twenties, and she’s quite the outspoken fireball needed to spice up a campaign.  Plus, you KNOW those pictures are going to be fierce.

What do you guys think?  Any particular brand you would like to see Little J reppin’?  Sound off in the comments!


Taylor Momsen Indirectly Shows Miley Cyrus How To Act Mature During Nylon Interview

Because I’m so sick of people defending Miley’s awful interview style and basic inability to string together an articulate quote, I give you: Taylor Momsen being interviewed by Nylon TV.

Taylor is sixteen (hater comments about how she looks like she’s in her twenties can shove it because that is not valid in this argument) and sounds well-educated, smart, snarky and yes, articulate in this and most every interview she does.  Homegirl delivers the quotes gold, politely tells journalists to eff off if she isn’t in the mood for their incompetent questions, and doesn’t sound the least bit awkward.  I know people have said that she’s going to look back on these years and regret acting and dressing like she does, but I completely disagree with this as me and most of my friends were just like this at sixteen.  We don’t regret it.  We were still cooler than the Miley Cyrus’s of the world, even when we thought we were awesome for listening to Hole and MCR when no one else did (for the record I still do).  So please Miley, take note and don’t use your age as an excuse for why you sound so effing immature in interviews.  At least Taylor has something to say, and makes a point saying it.

Lady Gaga Releases “Bad Romance” Video; World Collectively Dies in Awe

After much delay and hype, Lady Gaga has finally released her video for “Bad Romance”, virtually proving she is the most visually entertaining artist in pop music right now.

Currently, I’m in such a state of shock and awe, that I’m incapable of writing a review other than to say my mind is blown.  Everything in this video is over the top, edgy, fierce and absolutely crazy.  The ending is also pretty freakin’ epic.  So I really have nothing else to say other than I have never been more honored to have her following me on Twitter.

Image Source

So please, come inside for the video. Click me.

The 9 Most Inspiring Public Figures in Fashion

It’s no secret that in the past decade fashion has gotten a pretty bad rep.  From designers suffering from word vomit and saying that there can be no overweight models (I’m looking at you, Karl Largefeld and Ralph Lauren) to the idea that everyone in fashion is dumb as a rock, things haven’t been so pretty lately.  But that’s not a clear picture of what everyone in fashion is like as a whole. 

The idea for this list came after weeks of inspiration for me because of the following people’s work and mission.  While I’ve always found entertainers in music and movies to be influential, there is something about people in the art and fashion world that really speaks to me.  I was never even interested in fashion until one of my best friends, Meghan (who also has an amazing blog you can read here) showed me what an art it really is, and I realized how much hard work is involved in making a piece.  Now, I have the utmost respect for designers, models, and critics because as I’ve come to learn, fashion is so much more than standing still, and looking pretty.  It’s also not just something for girls or gay guys–if you can appreciate art, you can appreciate fashion because they go hand in hand. 

So, please come inside for who I believe, are some of the most inspirational people in this industry.  And maybe they’ll change your mind that not all fashion is bad or stupid, like they did mine. Continue reading

James Franco Covers i-D Magazine


Here’s your first look at James Franco on the cover of i-D magazine’s fall issue. James appears with fashion designer Frida Giannini who considered him a muse for her line this year. Both will be in the magazine’s editorial.

You guys like it?

Lauren Conrad Cleans Up for a Good Cause

Doing her part to be a good role model, MTV reality starlet and fashion designer LC attended Kohl’s “Clean Up” event this morning where she was seen picking up trash on the beach.  As some of you might have already heard, Lauren has just released a “California inspired” clothing line for Kohl’s so some of this is obviously for promotion, but I think it’s really nice that she’s doing it since you rarely see celebrities doing something as vile as picking up trash.

I love how she’s doing it wilingly though, while people like Chris Brown are being forced to by the law.  It makes me giggle.

Anyway, a few more pictures of LC picking up trash after the jump!


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Mischa Says Her Stay In the Psych Ward Was “Silly”

Mischa Barton appeared on ‘The View” this morning in support of her new show “The Beautiful Life” and OF COURSE Sherri had to start off the interview with questions about Mischa’s stay in the psych ward back in July which seemed to kind of annoy her.  And I would be annoyed too–it’s a private matter and if she doesn’t want to talk about it, she doesn’t have to. So for a few minutes I sympathized.

But then Baaaaarbara asked what she did to get herself through that period, and she said that she told herself, “I’m nothing like these people [in the psych ward], like, I have a career.  I’ve worked so hard for it.  I’m such a positive person, and I think you can overcome anything.”


Now, while I’m sure Mischa didn’t mean for it to come off that condescending, common sense should have told her to not automatically insult everyone who has ever stayed in a mental institution because who’s to say they didn’t have careers too and were going somewhere until something in their life left them feeling out of control.

And apparently most of America agrees with me, as the video is standing a two and a half star rating.

But PS I do love her stink eye/”girl, please” smirk that she gives when they announce that they’re coming back with news on Avril Lavigne’s clothing line.  (That’s almost as laughable as Perez’s “fashion” site)

Taylor Momsen Defines Fierce On the Set of “Gossip Girl”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Y’all know how much I love Taylor Momsen.  Homegirl puts all those other chicks to shame on “Gossip Girl” with her absolute fierceness, and she’s only sixteen.  Sooo when I found these new candids of her I had to post them because A) she rules and B) apparently all of you love her too because Taylor’s posts always compete with Rob Pattinson’s for the most views.  Crazy, I know.

Anyways, here’s Taylor on the set of GG in Long Island, New York  August 14th filming a few scenes for an upcoming episode.  With the new season only a few weeks away, are my fellow fanatics as ready as I am??!

More after the jump!


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