Liz Phair releases surprise new album

Like most Liz fans, I’m both surprised and confused by the news that she released a new album this past weekend.  The album, titled Funstyle, is available for purchase on Phair’s site for only $5.99 (digital or physical copies can be purchased), but it’s the music that has everyone talking.  First off, let’s begin with Bollywood–the smart, if not completely batshit, single Phair decided to release as a preview for her album.  And before I go any further, you need to listen to the song to truly understand what I am talking about. Continue reading

Wavves Signs Deal With Mountain Dew’s Record Label

In a bit of surprising news, much-hyped indie act Wavves–aka Nathan Williams–has signed with Mountain Dew’s record label Green Label.  The label will release Wavves first single off the new album (due August 3rd) next Wednesday June 9.  The album is already pretty highly anticipated and Williams has already made it clear that he is going for a different sound with this one which should be interesting.  When speaking about his move to Green Label, Williams had this to say:

“First off and foremost it’s a chance to give away free music. ‘’ was written and recorded as a true pop song to me and in doing so I knew that I would want it to be heard on as wide a scale as possible. is helping us to do that.”

It will be interesting to see if this garners any new fans for  Williams and if this helps get his name out there more.  I saw him back in April and he performed  a really solid set which is what got me into Wavves in the first place–nothing like the well documented meltdown last year.  I was impressed, and he’s actually a really nice guy.  Me and some friends hung out backstage after the show and he was very down to earth–although he was also pretty drunk–but if anything I just saw him as a talented guy still coming to grips with touring and all of the attention he’s been getting.  But hey, he and his band gave us free pizza so I have nothing bad to say about the kid.

Louis Garrel, Yay!

French people are so lovely.

Here’s some pictures of Louis Garrel reading the literary masterpieces of Mary Madeleine de La Fayette at an event honoring the author.  Just because. 

Anyone who does movies like “The Dreamers,” “Ma Mere,” and “Love Songs” can get free posts like this just because they are the definition of cool. 

Reeve Carney Live At Molly Malone’s

Interestingly, my story on Carney has gotten the most hits this site has ever had…SOOOO I figured why not give you guys more?  And I totally don’t mind.  They’re an amazing band, no?

A few years ago, Reeve did a solo concert at Molly Malones, a regular for the Carney siblings, which was made into a CD that can be found on the likes of Amazon.  But lucky for you, if you happen to want it RIGHT NOW, it’s on iTunes.  Full of lovely songs with incredible vocals, it’s a pretty stellar album.  Check it.

Evan Rachel Wood is the top celeb under 25!


You’re going to have to bear with me because I freakin love Evan Rachel Wood.  I would marry her if that was at all possible.  Even during the Manson days I was one of her biggest fans.  So with all of the success she’s had recently due to the Wrestler, I couldn’t be happier for her.

And I’m glad that Venus Zine agrees with me.  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the magazine anywhere so if anyone knows where it is sold, leave a tip in the comments.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On what her parents thought of her getting into acting: My parents were so worried if I wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or something like, “What are we going do??”

On gaining her reputation for taking riskier roles: I would always get frustrated when I would see films about young girls because I could never relate to them and I thought they were just completely fake.  I started saying, “Why am I waiting for somebody to make it? Why don’t I just go out and do it instead of complaining about it?”

On what makes her relax: “I forget how important it is to laugh until I haven’t done it in so long and then something happens and I laugh until I can’t breathe, and it’s just the greatest feeling in the world.  I get to relax and let go.

How she feels about bloggers attacking her: It’s so easy for people to be cruel, just cruel, now.  Because they can write something and never show their face.  They can criticize you all they want, but it’s not like they’re going to put a face behind it.  It’s like throwing a rock at someone’s window and then running away.  We’re already down, we don’t need you to bring us any lower.  We put enough on ourselves, we don’t need you to remind us.

Check out more pictures from the magazine right here:



Five reasons why you should rent “Frozen River”


For those of you who aren’t already in the know, “Frozen River” is the definition of indepenent cinema and one of the best movies of 2008. Since it was just released on DVD I figured I would give you, my faithful readers, five reasons why you should see this little gem.

1. The obvious reason:  it’s star Melissa Leo, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her role. “Frozen River” would be nothing without the ferocity Leo brings to the role of Ray.  It’s the role Charlize Theron would have clawed her way to the top to play and thank God Leo scored it.  Leo plays Ray, a single mother who’s husband has left her family without any warning or way of tracking him down; so in effort to make ends meet and to afford the double decker trailer she wants for her family, Ray starts smuggling immigrants across the Canada border into upstate New York.

2. Charlie McDermott.  Playing the role of Ray’s son, T.J., McDermott completely humanizes a role that could have been taken to a new level of douchebag-edness had it been left in the wrong hands.  I actually didn’t like McDermott’s character in the beginning but as the movie went on you are, yes, introduced to his flaws, but also what makes him such a good person.  The scene where he goes out of his way to buy his little brother the Christmas present he wants the most is one of the most touching of the movie.

3.  The opening shot of Ray smoking a cigerette, teary-eyed, and looknig extremely pissed is probably one of the most striking shots to grace movies in a while.

4.  These characters are played by real people, not just Hollywood actors. I think it would have been kind of hard to imagine Angelina Jolie as a struggling single mother who was desperate to make  money. No offense to Jolie but she’s too much of a celebrity to play a role like this.  Even though Leo has been in dozens of films, most people have never even heard of her.   In a recent article with Filmmaker magazine, Leo discussed how for a while she just took what roles were given to her but throughout it all has always done acting for the love of it, not the fame.  And I think in one of the most interesting pieces of info that has come out recently, Misty Uphom who plays Lila had to work a double shift at her job at the dry cleaners the day after she attended the Oscars because she couldn’t find someone to cover for her.  So when I heard that McDermott, Leo, and Uphomm had been nominated for Spirit Awards for this movie I was completely beaming with pride when I saw them at the awards show.  It’s stories like these that make me really appreciate the actors who give everything to play a role like this.

And the final reason you should see “Frozen River”:

5. the film has one of the most touching and inspiring messages about self-less love I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s ending heartbreaking, moving and absolutely realistic all in one.  It made me hope that one day, more people could be as self-less as Ray was.

If you still need more convincing (and you shouldn’t), here’s the trailer:

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back!!!


Ironically yesterday as I was driving to Barnes and Nobles in Franklin and listening to Show Your Bones, I was wondering when the Yeah Yeah Yeahs would be releasing a new album since their last one was easily my favorite one of 2006 and pretty much defined my summer in Nashville.  Well,  as if God himself was listening, that night I learned (from Solange Knowles’s Twitter of course…) that they DO have a new album coming out.  And now, I present to you, one of my favorite songs from It’s Blitz!, “Soft Shock.”  Click  here to listen.

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