Your Frist Look At Evan Rachel Wood On True Blood + Spoilers!

Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Sophie-Anne in True Blood

Evan Rachel Wood will FINALLY be making her much talked about appearance on “True Blood” next Sunday and I’ve got your first (bloody) look of her as the lesbian Vampire Queen of Louisiana in a just released picture, plus a nice synopsis of what to expect filled with spoilers.

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Tegan and Sara Album Cover, Track Listing, & Tour Dates!

Tegan and Sara have finally released their album cover (above), track listing and tour dates!  All of which you can find inside.


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Remembering Aaliyah Eight Years Later

I grew up listening to Aaliyah, and I was eleven when she died.  I remember it being one of the first deaths of someone who I had grown to admire that was only a few years older than me, and it really shook me.  I had just seen her on MTV’s “Diary” a few weeks earlier and had thought what a cool girl she came across as, and then she was gone. 

As the years have gone on and I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreaciate her music and legacy more than ever.  Aaliyah built her career on being sexy without trying too hard and also showing what it really meant to be a woman.  Her songs weren’t about grinding up next to someone at a club or getting drunk, but had real substance and meaning that included ending a abusive relationship, being the other woman, being more than a woman, and above all coming into your own as an adult.  Even now, her lyrics ring with truth and honesty.

Now that I have my own blog I wanted to pay tribute to the woman who greatly impacted me growing up and has still left an impression on me eight years later, and for anyone else who is still a fan.  So, below you’ll find an article that was just added on that pays tribute to the singer, and a few of her videos.

We can only imagine what Aaliyah could have been, but I hope more than anything people look at her life and realize what an inspiring and sincere individual she was.  She never fit the mold, but was always herself.  That in itself, is a piece of her legacy.  Continue reading