What’s New in Independent Film


That sound you hear is me squealing because summer movie season is finally over and now, my favorite time of the year is about to begin: fall movie season, which leads into Awards Season.  Meaning some really, really, REALLY good movies are about to head your way and a lucky few will make it to the Oscars.

I decided to do a post about some upcoming indies that might (and will probably) get overlooked come Award Season because of the standard “Oscar-fair”, but that doesn’t make them any less special.  So why don’t you come inside to take a sneak peak at the trailers of some new independent films that I’m really excited for…. Continue reading

King and Queen Jay-Z and Beyonce Attend a Press Conference

Beyonce and Jay-Z attended a “press conference” the other day and OH MY GOSH SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS.

B’s a natural beauty, and it’s always nice to see her looking so stunning and happy.  And it’s a rarity to see her her out with her man too…

Anyways a few more of B and Jay after the jump, plus a video of Sasha Fierce performing at the Essence Festival.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Proves Young Adults Actually Are Intelligent


While promoting “500 Days of Summer”, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a ton of press and interviews for the movie that I found pretty inspiring and funny, so I thought you guys might like them too.  His answer on what  love is in the video interview with The Movie Guy is probably one of the best answers I’ve ever heard to the question.

On a side note, Joe’s quickly becoming one of my favorite people ever.  He just seems like the ultimate best friend, and I really, really respect him for his love of movies and art, and everything he’s doing to prove some teenagers actually are intelligent.

To see all of these interview (two done by Zooey!!) click away.

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