Letter From Madonna: Love Wins


If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you might have heard about a Malawi couple that was recently released from jail after being sent there for the “crime” of homosexuality.  Madonna was one of the celebrities who campaigned for their release and wrote a letter today calling Americans to action to support the human rights campaign in Malawi currently.

Dear Friend,

I have always believed love conquers all – yesterday I got to see it in action.

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Pop Quiz With Beth Ditto!


The Gossip welcomes you in for a fun, juicy interview with the fabulous Beth Ditto

The Top 10 Singers and Groups of Glam-Pop


What is “Glam-Pop” you might ask?  Well, it’s those songs that seem to be heard everywhere full of electro-beats, synthesizers, and lyrics about sex and making out with chicks.  Requirements would be that the said artist AT LEAST claims to be bi, you see about five and upwards hipsters at their shows, they have a gay following (this is crucial, although straight people like myself love them too), the term “fabulous” is used more than once when describing their music, the beats sound like they’re sprinkled with glitter, and that the artist has somewhat of their own, outrageous style.

So come inside for the top ten pioneers of this movement, because really, glam-pop is the new indie-rock.

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Tegan and Sara Album Cover, Track Listing, & Tour Dates!

Tegan and Sara have finally released their album cover (above), track listing and tour dates!  All of which you can find inside.


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Zac Efron About To Get Invovled In Drugs, Sex, and PR

Zac Efron Sued For Car Crash!

It was only a matter of time before he cracked for the more mature roles.

Zac Efron might FINALLY be signing on to do a gritty movie that involes drug, sex, and rock and roll public relations.  To read more about this sure to be R-rated movie, just click away.


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