Chace Crawford Arrested for Pot Possession!!!

Out of mostof the Gossip Girl cast members, I never thought it would be Chace Crawford who would get arrested first but I do find it incredibly funny because as anyone who read the books knows, his character Nate is THE biggest pothead in the series (he actually went to rehab in one book).

So, behold!  Chace Crawford’s booking photo.  Werq that smizing, girl!! Tyra would be proud.  Crawford was arrested last night in Plano, Texas for pot possession and was charged with a misdemeanor.  Come inside for the full details….

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New Photos from the Set of Gossip Girl

Come inside for pictures of Leighton, Chace, Ed, and Taylor from the set of the latest “Gossip Girl” episode….


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Chace Crawford Goes For an Edgy Look in “Wonderland”

Someone on Chace Crawford’s publicity team sure is hellbent on changing up his image lately (or maybe it’s Chace himself?).  First there was the interview magazine shoot where he got fake tattoos and  decided to channel Viggo Mortensen and now he’s done this “edgy” shoot for Wonderland magazine.

Okay, personally, I have no idea what the eff is going on in some of these pictures.  The first one is nice, the second one should have been cut from the beginning and the rest are interesting.  I feel like they could have been better if the photographer knew how to work with him better and the styling wasn’t so wack.

Kudos to Chace for being willing to try something new, but know your limits, dude. 

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