Amy Winehouse Sends Her Love From Jail

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Proving that for some people there is no rock bottom, just a continous black hole, Amy Winehouse was arrested a few days ago after assaulting a theatre manager.

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a visit to ArtsBeat from Amy Winehouse. The Times of London reported that Ms. Winehouse, the British soul singer and perennial friend to bloggers in search of news items, was charged with assault after she was said to have attacked a theater manager at a pantomime show. On Saturday, Ms. Winehouse was attending a holiday performance of “Cinderella” at a theater in Milton Keynes, north of London, and was reportedly shouting out comments during the production — not an unheard-of practice in the tradition of British pantomime. But when the theater’s front-of-house manager, Richard Pound, asked Ms. Winehouse to move to a different seat, he said, she pulled his hair and punched him and kicked him. The police told The Times that Ms. Winehouse was arrested on Wednesday after making a voluntary appearance at the Milton Keynes police station with her legal adviser.


I love how people have been predicting her death since ’08 and this lady is still kickin’ it and getting in brawls.  Girl is a SURVIVOR.

But seriously, it’s a shame that all of her talent is going to waste.  I remember being so blown away when I first heard “Back to Black” and I’m beginning to wonder if she’ll ever be able to recreate that.  That old saying is true, that you pretty much have to be crazy to make good art.


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