Lady Gaga Releases “Bad Romance” Video; World Collectively Dies in Awe

After much delay and hype, Lady Gaga has finally released her video for “Bad Romance”, virtually proving she is the most visually entertaining artist in pop music right now.

Currently, I’m in such a state of shock and awe, that I’m incapable of writing a review other than to say my mind is blown.  Everything in this video is over the top, edgy, fierce and absolutely crazy.  The ending is also pretty freakin’ epic.  So I really have nothing else to say other than I have never been more honored to have her following me on Twitter.

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So please, come inside for the video. Click me.

Lady Gaga Leaves A Madonna Concert In A Thong

Lady Gaga was seen arriving at her hotel in London, England last night after attending a Madonna concert pantsless as usual.

What WAS different though was the fact that girl was wearing a thong.  That’s pretty aggressive.

I really can’t decide–desperate attention seeking famewhore or present day Warholian artist?  Thoughts?

More pictures after the jump along with tour dates for her upcoming tour with Kanye West that were just leaked.  I’m seeing her in December!





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