The CW Screws Over TBL’s Sara Paxton: I’m Stranded in NYC With 6 Month Lease, New Furniture and Blown Mind

In case you haven’t heard The CW wasted no time canning “The Beautiful Life: TBL” last Friday after dismal ratings. I was really kind of indifferent to it (the pilot was a’ight and I would MUCH rather “Melrose” go, but do we really need another show about beautiful people?), UNTIL I read this interview with Sara Paxton basically saying how the CW screwed over the entire cast and now they have no jobs or ways to get out of their NYC apartments which some of them probably can’t pay without a steady job.
So, please read on for the juicy details.
You were effervescent and marvelous as the star of TBL. How do you feel about the CW’s decision to cancel your show so quickly?
We’re so shocked! I definitely think it’s unfair. The CW didn’t give our show a chance to succeed or fail. We had some amazing episodes coming up that we were all proud of, and the story lines were about to get really interesting, so we’re sad that no one will ever even see those! It’s unbelievable the way that they told us—we were all in the middle of work. I was sitting in the hair and makeup chair, and I’m getting my hair done just like a normal Friday—we were all excited for Friday. And all of a sudden, they got the call, and the producers had to make an announcement on set that we were done—that we were over! And I was sitting there in shock. I couldn’t believe that in the middle of work, the rug was pulled out beneath our feet. Immediately, I run over to Corbin’s [Bleu] room, and I’m like, ‘oh my God, oh my God!’ I was freaking out! And Corbin was shocked. Everyone was just devastated. It was horrible. Terrible.

ETA– if you are so inclined, you can sign the petition that Sara mentions here

You didn’t see this coming at all?
We were worried because our show didn’t get as much marketing as other shows. Everywhere you go in New York City, you see Melrose Place posters everywhere—I see Vampire Diaries everywhere. And CW, they just didn’t put any money into advertising for our show whatsoever. It was up to the cast to keep the show going, so we went to every red carpet, we talked about the show, we publicized, we did twitter, we did everything we could possibly do to get the word out about the show. We thought it was really worth it because we care about the show—we care about each other and we wanted to make it work. But if people don’t know that the show even exists, they’re not going to watch it.
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Mischa Says Her Stay In the Psych Ward Was “Silly”

Mischa Barton appeared on ‘The View” this morning in support of her new show “The Beautiful Life” and OF COURSE Sherri had to start off the interview with questions about Mischa’s stay in the psych ward back in July which seemed to kind of annoy her.  And I would be annoyed too–it’s a private matter and if she doesn’t want to talk about it, she doesn’t have to. So for a few minutes I sympathized.

But then Baaaaarbara asked what she did to get herself through that period, and she said that she told herself, “I’m nothing like these people [in the psych ward], like, I have a career.  I’ve worked so hard for it.  I’m such a positive person, and I think you can overcome anything.”


Now, while I’m sure Mischa didn’t mean for it to come off that condescending, common sense should have told her to not automatically insult everyone who has ever stayed in a mental institution because who’s to say they didn’t have careers too and were going somewhere until something in their life left them feeling out of control.

And apparently most of America agrees with me, as the video is standing a two and a half star rating.

But PS I do love her stink eye/”girl, please” smirk that she gives when they announce that they’re coming back with news on Avril Lavigne’s clothing line.  (That’s almost as laughable as Perez’s “fashion” site)

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