Taylor Momsen Looks Rad On The Set Of Gossip Girl

Little J (aka Taylor Momsen) was looking pretty fierce on the set of Gossip Girl yesterday showing off a lot of leg and longer hair (extensions).  I’m really liking the less extreme make-up… The hair looks great either way though.

Lots of pictures of Taylor and some of the other cast members like Chace, with different hair also, and Blake (along with two others that no one really cares about *cough* Dan and Eric)  after the jump!

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Megan Fox Leaves London And Makes Out With Amanda Seyfried

Megan Fox was photographed leaving London’s Heathrow International Airport earlier today–geez is everyone in London this week?!?

The Transformers hottie looked cute and comfortable in sweats, a cardigan, and a Fedora hat while walking to the flight’s gate.

In other Megan news, the trailer for her new movie “Jennifer’s Body”, which was penned by Juno writer Diablo Cody, has leaked online a few days ahead of when it was supposed to debut before Bruno.

In the movie, Megan plays a psychotic cheerleader who seduces boys and girls…. and then eats them.  Word is Megan appears nude a few times in the film and makes out with Amanda Seyfried on a bed, topless.

It looks so awesome that I think I’ve forgotten how to speak.

Pictures and REDBAND trailer after the jump!

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Kate Hudson Hides Under Her Umbrella

Whatever, Kate Hudson, we can so still see you.

Kate was snapped trying to avoid the paparazzi by hiding under an umbrella while enjoying a day out in the Big Apple in Greenwich Village on Thursday.

In other news, Kate and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship is still heating up with pictures surfacing of her running from photographers after arriving at his home the other night.  Kate has also become a regular at A-Rod’s games recently by cheering him on from the stands.  A source told People, “Kate was standing and clapping and cheering during the game, especially when A-Rod hit a homerun.  She looked adorable and was so happy.”

More pictures inside….


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This Does Not Look Good

Hello, 2007’s calling–it wants your craziness gone.

Hmm, does any of this look familiar?  Like when Britney Spears was going through her mental breakdown phase?

Starbucks?  Check.

Black hair? Check.

Lost look? Check.

Those Boots? Check.

Maybe she was just blinded by the flashing lights?

She looks a little better in the other pictures, but black hair has never meant happy Britney.  The good news is she’s not seen drivng aimlessly around LA or hanging out with papparazzi so things still might be improving… Anyways, more pictures inside…


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LC and Lo Will Start Partying For the 4th… Now

Released from her duties of signing millions of copies of LA Candy (I met her–it was pure awesomery) Lauren Conrad and BFF Lo Bosworth got a bit of a head start on celebrating the 4th of July by going out to Bar Delux last night.

And LC’s still loving life after the Hills, saying “Life after ‘The Hills’… is awesome.  My mom told me I’m a whole new person.”  Lauren also named  a few things every girl should have for the summer:  “A very good fitting bikini.  Finding a bikini that flatters your body is key. (Also) bright colors and neons are big.”

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Hilary Swank Is The New Resident

Oscar winner Hilary Swank was seen filming scenes for her new movie “the Resident” Wednesday in Brooklyn looking quite happy.  Going through a few different costumes and seen loading some boxes into a truck, Hilary’s new movie is actually going to be a thriller.

According to the IMDB snyposis, “When a young doctor suspects she may not be alone in her new Brooklyn loft, she learns that her landlord has formed a frightening obsession with her.”

Sounds very interesting…. Love her!

Source: celebrity-gossip.net

Emma Watson Is In Vogue

Emma Watson sure has turned into quite the fashionista lately.  Who would’ve thought little Hermoine would become so beautiful and perfect for fashion ad campaigns?

Fresh off her stint as model for Burberry, Emma strikes a pose for Teen Vogue.






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