Dita Von Teese is the Star of Cointreauus’s First Webisode

Good morning!

I pretty much knew it was going to be a wonderful day today when I got my annual monthly Dita von Teese newsletter which featured a link to watch a short film (or commercial…) Dita did for Cointreauus.  In the “webisode” Dita plays Miss Margarita and basically looks sexy and delicious the entire episode while only saying a few things.

It’s glamorous, sexy and very short.  And the video can be found after the jump.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Watch James Franco Annihilate a Room

I love James Franco.  The man can do anything and he’s one of the coolest guys in Hollywood.  He’s also one of the very few guys who can make a film called “The Room Before and After” that features him destroying a room and have it considered art.

If you take nothing else from this preview, remember this: James Franco will eff your crap up.