Celebrity Photographer Tom Munro Publishes New Book

Celebrity photographer Tom Munro has published a new book of fabulous, classy pictures of various A-list celebrities including Christian Bale (above), Lady Gaga, The Queen Madonna, and Johnny Depp.  Along with every picture is text written by Munro about the subjects and his experience photographing them.  Munro offers very interesting perspectives on all of the celebrities featured and my favorite was what he had to say about Gaga as he pretty much hits the nail on the head.

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Lady Gaga Gets Naked For OUT

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Geez, does this broad ever keep her clothes on?!?

Lady Gaga made it on the cover of Out magazine and basically spent the whole time talking about how much she loves gay people what she’s fascinated with saying, “I had a few gay piano teachers. I was in acting class and ballet from a very young age, and I remember being around a lot of gay boys in dance class. I feel intrinsically inclined toward a more gay lifestyle.” Gaga then went on to discuss what inspires her: “I’ve become really fascinated with fantasy and monster movies and the naïveté of the ’50s. Somehow I feel, socially, after a war or after something really bad happens there’s a rebirth of naïveté, so that’s where my obsession comes from. That’s when the fame monster is born.”

The most interesting qutoe is found here: “My whole life is a performance. I have to up the ante every day.”

Here’s my thought: I think it’s great that she’s doing some interesting things in music and trying to create some iconic images and videos, but what happens when you completely lose yourself in the process and have no idea who you are anymore because of what you are trying to become? 

Anyone else agree? Disagree?

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