Lindsay Lohan Is Dropped From Her Record Label, Working for Free, Desperate for a Job

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So basically, this title says it all.  Lindsay Lohan, the once-It girl who had it all, now has nothing and is desperate to find work. 

According to recent reports, LL is working for Ungaro for free, and only getting free clothes out of the deal.  (Which, is interesting because I remember watching this documentary on the amazing design team that is Proenza Schouler and they can’t afford to pay their MODELS so they give them clothes in exchange for their work.  Obviously Ungaro, a more established fashion label than Proenza Schouler, has the money.  So basically, Lindsay is the equivelent of a struggling fashion model.)  But that’s not all, Linds also has had her music relationship with Casablanca records terminated.  Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Is Looking A Little Rough

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Dita Von Teese Gets Beautiful

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese was spotted leaving a West Hollywood nail salon Wednesday looking absolutely gorgeous.  (Really, she is one of the loveliest women in Hollywood.)  Wearing a white tank, with floral print dress and green heels, Dita made her way to her car amidst the paparazzi.

Dita happens to be dating a new guy, French actor and aristocrat, Count Louie-Marie Castelabajac and was seen carrying a gold Eiffel Tower charm on with her keys. 

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