A Vintage Murmurs/Leisha Hailey Interivew From their Apartment

So today after about five excruciating days of waiting, my Murmurs CD FINALLY arrived in the mail!  (Yes, I was impatient…)  The reason I knew about them is because  one half of the band was Leisha Hailey, whose band Uh Huh Her is one of my all time favorites and who’s movie “All Over Me” is too amazing for words.  Their music took me a little while for me to get into because it’s pretty folk-y and they both sing at the same time in most songs the entire way through (not just choruses) which sounds kind of kitschy on first listen, but I’ve really grown to love the simplicity of it all.  And to be honest, I haven’t stopped listening to the album since I got it. 

Anyway, last week while I was browsing through YouTube I found this interview from ’94 of Leisha and Heather Grody from their NYC apartment (love it) and it was so cute that I had to post it.  I also love Leisha’s pink hair here–she had it in “All Over Me” which is what made me love her so much, so I was thrilled to find out that many of their videos featured her fabulously pink hair too.  (What can I say, I like a girl with a cool hair color if it suits her) But watch and enjoy, and then go buy some Murmurs and Uh Huh Her music.  They’re sound is worlds apart, but absolutely lovely.

Some News About Ben Whishaw’s New Play “Cock”


Some news about Ben Whishaw’s new play “Cock”  has just been released, and it’s pretty juicy.  While you can read inside what that is, I have no doubt that this will cause some sort of controversy due to the plot… Even today subjects like this tend to make people lose their crap.

So please come inside for pictures from the play and text!


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Ben Whishaw’s New Play Already Won an Award

As most of you should know Ben Whishaw is probably one of the most talented actors to come out of Britain recently, but “Bright Star” isn’t the only thing getting him attention recently…. Come inside for a look at the play he’ll be starring in in NYC that’s already won an award and a feature on him in NYT. Continue reading

Sarah Jessica Parker Spotted Filming “Sex and the City” Sequel!

Exciting news for “Sex and the City” fans–Sarah Jessica Parker began filming the sequel to “Sex and the City” this morning and, of course, she already looks amazing!

Sarah isn’t wearing a wedding ring in this picture though, so the question now is have they already managed to break Carrie and Big up?

Should be interesting….

Anyways. more pictures of Sarah after the jump!!


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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Promote Their New Line

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stepped out to celebrate and promote their new line Holt Renfrew last night and looked great.  I really love Ashley’s outfit–it’s so simple but also really classy and beautiful. 

The girls have really become full fledged, respected designers in the past year and their clothing lines The Row and Elizabeth and James are gorgeous, elegant and apparently doing really well.  Ashley’s VMAN editorial is really what convinced me they’re the real deal. 

More pictures after the jump!


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First Fan To Find Britney Spears In NYC Today Wins Concert Tickets!

 Britney Spears recently took in a performance of “the Little Mermaid” on Broadway with her two boys as part of some downtime while Brit is in Manhattan for her next stop in the “Circus” tour.

But for those of you who are also in NYC, Brit’s holding a little contest that involves finding her and winning free front row tickets to her concert.  Read on for more details.


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Spotted: Little J in Brooklyn

The real HBIC of “Gossip Girl”, Taylor Momsen was seen strolling onto set recently in Brooklyn to begin filming a new episode of the hit show.  Taylor looked gorgeous wearing a vintage purple dress and strappy heels as she strutted past the paps.

In related news, Taylor’s band The Pretty Reckless just released two new demos from their forthcoming album which can be listened to here.  The band’s had a busy summer touring with the Veronicas and feuding with Courtney Love, but things are only just getting started. They’re pretty hardcore/fantastic and kind of reminiscent of the 90s Riot Grrrl movement so do yourself a favor and go listen!

More pictures of Taylor after the jump!


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