Lady Gaga Covers Rolling Stone Nude… Again

Here’s your first look at Rolling Stone’s new issue with Lady Gaga on the cover, and personally, I believe this could become the iconic image for Gaga.  It’s worlds better than her last cover (with the bubbles)  and everything about it screams controversy (which there has already been a ton of).  The whole image strikes me as very Bowie/androgynous and I like that there’s just a plain white background which directs your attention straight at Gaga.  It’s very simple but really hard at the same time.

The issue supposedly hits newsstands tomorrow although I’m subscribed to Rolling Stone and haven’t received mine yet, so we’ll see…

Let me know what you think about the cover in the comments!

Rihanna Forgot What Clothes Are in the Rated R Booklet

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You know, I really like how Rihanna portrayed herself in the 20/20 interview, but I’m not buying this hard, edgy image AT ALL.  Why, you may ask?  It’s simple:  her music doesn’t back up her edgy look.  There’s nothing unique, mind-blowing, or edgy about it.  It’s all still very generic, and typical of much of the music out these days.

Girl, take a note from Santigold and get some style in your music.

On that note (no pun intended), click away for a look at her Rated R booklet.  I was close to saying she looks fierce, but this image is obviously so manufactured that I’m not even going to.  And taking off your clothes isn’t exactly the best message to send to your young fans unless there’s an actual empowering reason behind it.  Just sayin’.

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More Pictures & Other Fun Things From the Jennifer’s Body Premiere

Let my new favorite adorable picture invite you in for MOAR pictures from the premiere because frankly, I’m obsessed and can’t wait for this.  (Post includes a smiling Megan,  Johnny Simmons who was previously left out, a video from the premiere Q&A and other glorious things). Continue reading

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