The 9 Most Inspiring Public Figures in Fashion

It’s no secret that in the past decade fashion has gotten a pretty bad rep.  From designers suffering from word vomit and saying that there can be no overweight models (I’m looking at you, Karl Largefeld and Ralph Lauren) to the idea that everyone in fashion is dumb as a rock, things haven’t been so pretty lately.  But that’s not a clear picture of what everyone in fashion is like as a whole. 

The idea for this list came after weeks of inspiration for me because of the following people’s work and mission.  While I’ve always found entertainers in music and movies to be influential, there is something about people in the art and fashion world that really speaks to me.  I was never even interested in fashion until one of my best friends, Meghan (who also has an amazing blog you can read here) showed me what an art it really is, and I realized how much hard work is involved in making a piece.  Now, I have the utmost respect for designers, models, and critics because as I’ve come to learn, fashion is so much more than standing still, and looking pretty.  It’s also not just something for girls or gay guys–if you can appreciate art, you can appreciate fashion because they go hand in hand. 

So, please come inside for who I believe, are some of the most inspirational people in this industry.  And maybe they’ll change your mind that not all fashion is bad or stupid, like they did mine. Continue reading

First Look At Lady Gaga In V Magazine

Exclusive: Lady Gaga’s September V Covers and a Sneak Peek at Her Fashion Spread!

Photo: Mario Testino for V

The September issue of V hits newsstands tomorrow and Lady Gaga is gracing the cover looking like Dontatella Versace.   I will admit, even though she looks very orange, the bright colors and brilliant pink and orange color contrasts make for a very striking cover.  There will actually be two versions of this issue though, both with two different colored Marc Jacobs sunglasses on Gaga.  The spread was shot by photographer Mario Testino and as V editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains, he invisioned a New Wave-theme for the shoot.  “When the Marc Jacobs pink hooded coat and glasses came down the runway, I knew there was only one person I wanted to see in it: Lady Gaga,” editor-in-chief Stephen Gan explains. “Growing up as a kid obsessed with new wave, I would cut up paper sunglasses and put them onto celebs’ faces on magazine covers. These plastic peel-on and peel-off glasses come in pink and blue and are actually based on the Marc Jacobs ones that came down the runway!” Yes, you read that correctly–you can actually peal off Gaga’s sunglasses and wear them yourself!

Props to Gan for coming up with such an ingenious idea.  They should do more creative stuff like this for magazines.  It makes them more fun and collectible. You can take a look at one more of Gaga’s photos inside, but be warned she’s naked (duh) and there’s some bush…


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Madonna and Jesus Are In Love

Madonna and her little boyfriend Jesus were spotted walking around…somewhere…the other night.  But that’s not important.  The important thing is this is the first time they’ve actually shown affection in public. 

If men can date someone half their age so can women.  Get it, girl!

More pics and a fabulous remix of her song “Celebration” which is going to be used on her new album can be found after the jump.


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