Megan Fox Spotted on the Set of New Mickey Rourke Film

The gorgeous, flawless, beautiful, adorable etc Megan Fox was spotted coming out of her trailer before filming her new movie “Passion Play” yesterday after a long time of us not seeing her.

In the movie, Megan plays an angel “under the thumb of a ruthless gangster who is saved by a trumpet player down on his luck.”  I have no idea what to make of that plot, but moving along.

More pictures after the cut, and if you didn’t already know Megan really is fantastic in “Jennifer’s Body” so please go rent it.  You’ll be surprised at how awesome and funny it is.


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Evan Rachel Wood Goes Topless for Black Book


I’m not really sure what to make of Evan Rachel Wood’s latest photo shoot.  The make-up, hair and outfits are all a bit extreme.  (Except for the last look which I love) And so are some of the quotes…  Although the more I look at the pictures the more I respect the artistic side of them.  It’s all really high fashion, but a bit strange.  

 You can see for yourself and read about Evan’s bisexuality, torrent love affair with Manson, and why all the guys she dates have a mommy complex by just reading more. Continue reading