Beyonce Proves Why She’s a Fierce, Independent Woman

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Beyonce has always been the girl who will eff you up if you mess with her because quite frankly, girl doesn’t play.  But beyond that, Bee’s kept up her awesomeness by always talking about the importance of girls making their own money and loving themselves before they get into a relationship.

So it should come as no surprise that she gets quite candid and inspirational in her latest interveiw with Brown Sista about why she keeps her marriage private and why girls seem to lose themselves in relationships.

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Scarlett Jo and Ryan Reynolds’ Marriage On The Rocks?

“The Proposal” star Ryan Reynolds was spotted enjoying taking the sights in Barcelona, Spain recently while on a break from filming his new movie “Buried.”  But things aren’t all great for Ryan… According to Showbiz Spy, his marriage with Scarlett Johnasson has gotten kind of shaky.  You can read the story after the jump…


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Emmy Rossum Gets Married! …Then Divorced.

If anyone cares:

So, word broke late last week that Emmy Rossum had broken up with her longtime beau, music-biz guy Justin Siegel.

We weren’t really sure we cared. Other than The Day After Tomorrow and Phantom of the Opera, the 22-year-old actress has really only excited us with her twittering and Prop 8 protesting.

But that breakup, which was reportedly mutual (blah!), had a rather interesting twist we didn’t see coming…

Turns out Rossum and Siegel were actually married!

A source at the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder’s Office confirms to E! News that a confidential marriage license was issued in Los Angles County to Emmanuelle Grey Rossum and Justin Siegel. However, because the couple paid for the record to be kept confidential, the source could not confirm the wedding date.

The two paired up in 2007.

She hasn’t been relevant in like three years, but hey, whatever gets you in the press…