Letter From Madonna: Love Wins


If you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, you might have heard about a Malawi couple that was recently released from jail after being sent there for the “crime” of homosexuality.  Madonna was one of the celebrities who campaigned for their release and wrote a letter today calling Americans to action to support the human rights campaign in Malawi currently.

Dear Friend,

I have always believed love conquers all – yesterday I got to see it in action.

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Celebrity Photographer Tom Munro Publishes New Book

Celebrity photographer Tom Munro has published a new book of fabulous, classy pictures of various A-list celebrities including Christian Bale (above), Lady Gaga, The Queen Madonna, and Johnny Depp.  Along with every picture is text written by Munro about the subjects and his experience photographing them.  Munro offers very interesting perspectives on all of the celebrities featured and my favorite was what he had to say about Gaga as he pretty much hits the nail on the head.

To see more pictures and quotes come inside….



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Lady Gaga Does Interview Magazine

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New Music Tuesday!


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The Top 10 Singers and Groups of Glam-Pop


What is “Glam-Pop” you might ask?  Well, it’s those songs that seem to be heard everywhere full of electro-beats, synthesizers, and lyrics about sex and making out with chicks.  Requirements would be that the said artist AT LEAST claims to be bi, you see about five and upwards hipsters at their shows, they have a gay following (this is crucial, although straight people like myself love them too), the term “fabulous” is used more than once when describing their music, the beats sound like they’re sprinkled with glitter, and that the artist has somewhat of their own, outrageous style.

So come inside for the top ten pioneers of this movement, because really, glam-pop is the new indie-rock.

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VMAs Best and Worst Dressed

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Madonna Drops “Celebration” Video


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Official Madonna Track Listing for “Celebration”

Madonna’s going to be releasing her second greatest hits album in almost ten years and the track-listing/DVD info has finally been released!

First of all, let me say that this collection is going to be MASSIVE so for any Madonna fan–old or new–this is going to be a must have.  I think I almost died a little reading what songs and videos will be included, plus what some of the bonus features will be.  The only thing that would make me happier is if somehow she included copies of “Body of Evidence”, “Who’s That Girl?” and “Evita” with it.  Super fan fun-pack edition maybe?!?!  Secondly, I love her nod to 90s Madonna/Warhol’s “Marilyn Diptych” for the cover.  And thirdly, please God let her tour for this.

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Madonna and Jesus Are on a Boat

Madonna and her boyfriend Jesus Luz were spotted taking a boat ride with her children in Portofino, Italy.

Madonna celebrated her 51st birthday yesterday and, of course, still looks fierce.  More pictures of the family after the jump!

PS-Jesus is obviously no Justin Gaston as he has barely even given an answer as to whether the two are dating and he hasn’t been using her name to get himself famous, so haters to the left of this couple.


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Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tourbook Pictures

Scans from Madonna’s new Sticky & Sweet tourbook have found their way online and they’re pretty intense.  Click, click, click away for the pictures!!


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