About Five Thousand of My Favorite Actors Show Up At Cannes

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Louis Garrel Talks About Being a Heartthrob

So last night I was watching the Sundance Channel which I hadn’t done in FOREVER (for some reason E! has taken over my life) and saw this beautiful British movie about first encounters and love at first sight which got me really excited for good movies again–something that I haven’t felt since Awards Season, probably because I’ve been so busy with school and other things.  But it got me thinking, “What are some of my favorite French/British actors and actresses doing lately?”  Anyways after some googling I found this interview from Louis Garrel in promotion for one of his movies “Love Songs” that came out about two years ago and even though it’s kind of old, I still found it really intersting because he’s always so articulate and intelligent whenever I read articles about him.  In the article he talks about singing on film for the first time, the weirdness of being a heartthrob, and his love for cinema.   So while it’s not exactly news, I still thought for anyone who’s enjoying following his work like me, this would be a cool interview to read.  And for the unitiated, you must rent his film “The Dreamers”–it will change your life.  After that let IMDB be your guide for the rest of his movies.  They’re all brilliant and very thought-provoking.

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Louis Garrel, Yay!

French people are so lovely.

Here’s some pictures of Louis Garrel reading the literary masterpieces of Mary Madeleine de La Fayette at an event honoring the author.  Just because. 

Anyone who does movies like “The Dreamers,” “Ma Mere,” and “Love Songs” can get free posts like this just because they are the definition of cool.