Taylor Momsen Would Like To Remind You She Enjoys Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll

Courtney Love Taylor Momsen has sure been making the rounds these past few weeks, and judging by these last few pictures she would like every male in America to know she’s jailbait.  I really have no idea what’s going on in these.

But anyway.  A typical Taylor interview involves her complaining about how her music is nothing like Leighton Meester’s and then insisting that she’s hardcore and has been around the block a few times. Of course, in this one with MTV Online she would like to remind you she does drugs and has sex a lot too.


Emile Hirsch Will Channel Kurt Cobain for “Hamlet”

Emile Hirsch and director Catherine Hardwicke recently spoke to MTV News about their upcoming film “Hamlet” and how Emile would be channeling his inner Kurt Cobain to make Hamlet an aspiring rock star.

“It’s a modern-day film, set at a liberal-arts college where words matter — so people are careful and talk in beautiful language, and Hamlet tries to express himself through music,” Hardwicke explained  to MTV.  Muisc, as anyone who has been a fan of Hardwicke’s films knows, plays a great deal into her movies.  From “Thirteen” to “Lords of Dogtown”, Hardwicke always uses the music to capitalize on a crucial moment in a scene and eleveate it into something truly memorable.  But Hardwicke’s taking it one step further by bringing in the spirit of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain for “Hamlet.” “…We’re using some of the cooler Shakespeare language, in a musical way. [My Hamlet] is like an [aspiring] rock star. He’s got six people that go to his performances, go to clubs and listen to him. It’s like an early Kurt Cobain.”

Hardwicke says Hirsch has been learning how to play the guitar and sing for the role and claims, “He’s a good singer… We were in the studio a couple weeks ago, and he was rocking it.”  Hardwicke also hopes to infuse the incediary look of “Romeo + Juliet” and the lush, dreamy soundtrack of “The Virgin Suicides” as inspiration for her movie.  “There’s going to be a lot of original music,” Hardwicke explained. “We have Brian Reitzell, the music supervisor who did ‘The Virgin Suicides’ and all of Sofia [Coppola]’s movies and other cool things, like ‘Friday Night Lights.’ He’s collaborating with bands. He used to be in Redd Kross; he was the drummer. So he’s working on getting a whole cool palette together — a sonic experience.”

Hirsch, for one, is just excited to be taking on such an iconic role and putting his own spin on it. “I just love the poetry of Shakespeare.  It’s exciting that we’re able to have this modern version but keep the text. And the way we’re going to do it, we’re going to make it so that everyone can understand what the most brilliant poet of all time is saying.”

My take on this is, the movie should be really interesting, and if it comes off as they claim, pretty iconic and then I can forgive Hardwicke for making “Twilight.”  I’ve loved all of her other films and I’m a huge Emile Hirsch fan (I’m actually seeing “Taking Woodstock” today!), so I hope it’s as awesome as they’re hyping it up to be.