Jeff Buckley: Just As Powerful 13 Years Later

Thirteen years ago tonight, Jeff Buckley waded into the Wolf (or as we in Memphis call it, Mississippi) River and never returned.  His body was found a few days later facing Beale Street–a peculiar and tragic end to the Buckley saga.  His father, noted folk musician of the sixties Tim Buckley, had died at the age of twenty-eight of a heroin overdose.  Jeff barely knew him.  And now, thirteen years later, Jeff’s memory and music seems to be even more powerful than when he was alive. Continue reading

A Jeff Buckley Musical Can Never Happen

jb.jpg picture by crazyb3

While,yes, I am probably one of the biggest Jeff Buckley fans on the planet (that is me you see bidding on out of stock JB postcards on eBay etc) and I will eat up anything and everything having to do with him because he’s been one of my biggest influences, Mary Guibert needs to hold the phone if she thinks creating a “Last Goodbye” musical is a good idea. Continue reading

Holiday Gift Ideas For Anyone Young, Awesome and Fabulous

Are you trying to figure out what to get someone for the holidays and in need of some shopping?? Me too! Let’s shop together!!

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