Some News About Ben Whishaw’s New Play “Cock”

Some news about Ben Whishaw’s new play “Cock”  has just been released, and it’s pretty juicy.  While you can read inside what that is, I have no doubt that this will cause some sort of controversy due to the plot… Even today subjects like this tend to make people lose their crap.

So please come inside for pictures from the play and text!


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Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy Attend “After Miss Julia”

Did anyone ever see the fabulous yet over-looked movie “Evening”?

If so, then you probably saw some of the most touching scenes to grace film (okay, I’m exagerating a little bit, but they ARE touching) between Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes.  Three-ish years later, they’re married and look so lovely together.

I’m actually a fan of them both–Hugh was great in “Adam” (find it at your local indie movie theater!!) and Claire has always been amazing.

Anyways, here they are attending the opening night of “After Miss Julia”, and looking like that gorgeous couple everyone loves to hate.


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Ben Whishaw’s New Play Already Won an Award

As most of you should know Ben Whishaw is probably one of the most talented actors to come out of Britain recently, but “Bright Star” isn’t the only thing getting him attention recently…. Come inside for a look at the play he’ll be starring in in NYC that’s already won an award and a feature on him in NYT. Continue reading

What’s New in Independent Film

That sound you hear is me squealing because summer movie season is finally over and now, my favorite time of the year is about to begin: fall movie season, which leads into Awards Season.  Meaning some really, really, REALLY good movies are about to head your way and a lucky few will make it to the Oscars.

I decided to do a post about some upcoming indies that might (and will probably) get overlooked come Award Season because of the standard “Oscar-fair”, but that doesn’t make them any less special.  So why don’t you come inside to take a sneak peak at the trailers of some new independent films that I’m really excited for…. Continue reading