Mariah Carey Plays With Children Without the Kittens :(

Yesterday, you might have heard a fabulous story about Mariah Carey demanding that 20 white kittens and 100 doves be present during her appearance at the Westfield complex… Well, according to the Daily Mail, Westfield didn’t give in and this is what she got instead.

Star wands and paper butterflies.

How bland.  How horrid.  How lame. I’m sure the pictures of her with the kittens and doves would have been magnificent (even though I’m about 99% sure that story is completely false).

Anyway, you can still see the pictures from the event ater the jump.  And I’m so excited because I’m seeing “Precious” next week!!! Anyone else seeing it??  I’m so happy Mariah’s finally in a good movie.  I’ve been waiting for this since “Glitter.” Also I’m thinking about ordering “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” off Amazon… y/y?



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The Top 10 Singers and Groups of Glam-Pop

What is “Glam-Pop” you might ask?  Well, it’s those songs that seem to be heard everywhere full of electro-beats, synthesizers, and lyrics about sex and making out with chicks.  Requirements would be that the said artist AT LEAST claims to be bi, you see about five and upwards hipsters at their shows, they have a gay following (this is crucial, although straight people like myself love them too), the term “fabulous” is used more than once when describing their music, the beats sound like they’re sprinkled with glitter, and that the artist has somewhat of their own, outrageous style.

So come inside for the top ten pioneers of this movement, because really, glam-pop is the new indie-rock.

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