Someone two seats down from me in the writing lab is playing graduation music which can only mean one thing: NO, I’m not graduating.  But school IS over for me in a week so after months of making concept based projects (not to brag or anything but my installation was pretty b.a.) and feeling like I was going to die from stress I will be free to fill this blog up with news on celebrities and my thoughts on everything about it.  Thrilling stuff, really.

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Lindsay Lohan Appears on Celebrity Hoarders

Because she needs money to buy MOAR clothes, Lindsay Lohan appeared on the Insider’s Hoarders: Celebrity Edition to show off her disaster area of an apartment.

Part 2 airs tonight, but seriously all I can do when I see this is laugh out loud.  Shouldn’t she be in Paris, like, “designing” or something?

B Has Been Getting Some Attention Lately

Since it is the new year and what not I thought I would make a magnificent post to say thank you to everyone who has helped my little blog grow these past six months.  It’s gone from maybe thirty people visiting a day to now hundreds with the numbers every month averaging between 2,000-3,000 hits.   When I step back and think that THAT many people read my blog it’s pretty staggering. So thank you to everyone for the support! 🙂

ALSO this blog happens to be celebrity endorsed. STACEY DASH FROM CLUELESS loves it too:

I also got a post into OhNoTheyDidn’t last week which you can read here 200 plus comments is prettyyyy groovy!

So please continue to tell all your friends, your friends friends, your parents etc.  Post links on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc and continue to show the love.  Can’t wait to continue this into the new year!

PS feel free to follow me on Twitter!

Madonna and Jesus Are In Love

Madonna and her little boyfriend Jesus were spotted walking around…somewhere…the other night.  But that’s not important.  The important thing is this is the first time they’ve actually shown affection in public. 

If men can date someone half their age so can women.  Get it, girl!

More pics and a fabulous remix of her song “Celebration” which is going to be used on her new album can be found after the jump.


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