First Fan To Find Britney Spears In NYC Today Wins Concert Tickets!

 Britney Spears recently took in a performance of “the Little Mermaid” on Broadway with her two boys as part of some downtime while Brit is in Manhattan for her next stop in the “Circus” tour.

But for those of you who are also in NYC, Brit’s holding a little contest that involves finding her and winning free front row tickets to her concert.  Read on for more details.


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Britney Spears to Present Dave Letterman’s Top 10 List Tonight

Exciting news, y’all!

Britney Spears is about to make her first appearance on the David Leetterman show in nearly three years and she’s going to be doing it by presenting the night’s Top 10 list!

Ms. Spears will be presenting the list tonight so get your TiVos ready!

Britney seems to be taking it easy lately as she’s been snapped lounging at the Marina Del Ray pool over the past few days looking sexy in her bikini, so tonight should be quite fun for her.

More pics of Britney at the pool after the jump!


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Teen Choice Awards Picture Post!

Image Hosted by

Let this sexy bb invite you in…. Spoilers about who won obviously. Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears: Together Again!

Well… Look what the cat dragged in.

While Britney was out clubbing last night, acclaimed actress Lindsay Lohan also happened to show up at the same club, at the same time.  Sources say the girls danced and laughed the whole time and posed for some pictures.  You can see it in Britney’s face: “Get this crazy faux-blonde chick away from me!”

Somewhere Paris Hilton is weeping that she was not invited.

Britney Looks Sexy While Clubbing

Britney Spears got her hair did (back to blonde!!) yesterday and to celebrate went out to Grand Star Jazz Club at 1 AM and stayed until 3 AM.

Now before all of you get your panties in a wad because Britney is out clubbing again, let me remind you that A) she kept all of her clothes on B) she’s not with Paris Hilton and C) girl hasn’t gone clubbing in over a year and she’s become a completely different person since then, comeback included, so let’s cut her a break, mmkay?

More pictures after the jump.

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Miley Cyrus’s New Song Leaks

Um, autotune much?

And what is up with the Jay-Z name drop that has absolutely nothing to do with the song?!?! Oh, Miley.

According to this song comes from Miley’s forthcoming EP “Voyage To India.”  I have no idea what that title is referring to but whatever.

What does everyone think of this masterpiece?

This Does Not Look Good

Hello, 2007’s calling–it wants your craziness gone.

Hmm, does any of this look familiar?  Like when Britney Spears was going through her mental breakdown phase?

Starbucks?  Check.

Black hair? Check.

Lost look? Check.

Those Boots? Check.

Maybe she was just blinded by the flashing lights?

She looks a little better in the other pictures, but black hair has never meant happy Britney.  The good news is she’s not seen drivng aimlessly around LA or hanging out with papparazzi so things still might be improving… Anyways, more pictures inside…


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