Celebrity Photographer Tom Munro Publishes New Book

Celebrity photographer Tom Munro has published a new book of fabulous, classy pictures of various A-list celebrities including Christian Bale (above), Lady Gaga, The Queen Madonna, and Johnny Depp.  Along with every picture is text written by Munro about the subjects and his experience photographing them.  Munro offers very interesting perspectives on all of the celebrities featured and my favorite was what he had to say about Gaga as he pretty much hits the nail on the head.

To see more pictures and quotes come inside….



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Zac Efron About To Get Invovled In Drugs, Sex, and PR

Zac Efron Sued For Car Crash!

It was only a matter of time before he cracked for the more mature roles.

Zac Efron might FINALLY be signing on to do a gritty movie that involes drug, sex, and rock and roll public relations.  To read more about this sure to be R-rated movie, just click away.


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