Artist To Die For: The Watson Twins

So in the event you’re wondering why I’ve done two Artist To Die for posts in the past day it’s really because I haven’t written one since September.  (School has been owning my life) And the two sets of artists I’m writing about are amazing so just consider it double the amount of good music to add to your library.

Today’s installment features two women you might have heard of before.  If anyone listened to Jenny Lewis’s lovely “Rabbit Fur Coat” album, odds are you heard one of the tracks the Watson Twins were featured on, easily making it the most gorgeous album to come out in the past five years.  Last year the girls released their first full length album “Fire Songs” which featured the memorable cover of “Just Like Heaven” and with the release of their second album “Talking To You, Talking To Me” a month ago, everyone is finally starting to take notice. Continue reading

Artist To Die For: The Drums

Press | Connor Hanwick, Jonathan Pierce, Adam Kessler, Jacob Graham | The Drums

From left: Connor Hanwick, Jonathan Pierce, Adam Kessler, Jacob Graham

If you live in Europe or read Under the Radar magazine then you’ve probably heard of the Drums.  If not, then please stop trying to convince yourself that Grizzly Bear is going to change the face of indie music and do yourself a favor by checking out this band. Continue reading