Someone two seats down from me in the writing lab is playing graduation music which can only mean one thing: NO, I’m not graduating.  But school IS over for me in a week so after months of making concept based projects (not to brag or anything but my installation was pretty b.a.) and feeling like I was going to die from stress I will be free to fill this blog up with news on celebrities and my thoughts on everything about it.  Thrilling stuff, really.

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Lady Gaga: The Perfect Pop Creation

I found this article about Lady Gaga and I found it to be pretty interesting drawing comparisons to David Bowie, Queen, and every other glam rock star of the 70s and 80s, so I thought I would post it here for you guys. Enjoy!

See, GaGa came along with Iggy Pop’s sluttishness, Bowie’s pretention and Lou’s Warhol wet-dream and decided to make music that was equally pompous and knowingly dumb as the aforementioned canonised rock stars. However, GaGa suffers from being too brash and too brazen in her quest for fame. She’s hungry for it to the point where it’s borderline perverted. Continue reading

James Franco Asks “Is It Art?” and Attends St. Jude Benefit


To all of the fangirls flustered that James Franco had destroyed his looks by dying his hair black and growing it out, BEHOLD: James at the Brooks Brothers holiday celebration which benefited St. Jude.  (Yay, St. Jude! One of my childhood friends had treatment there until she passed away a few years ago and they really were a rock for her and her family.)

There are some more pictures beyond the cut, but the real reason for this post was for an interesting article James penned for the Wall Street Journal about why his guest appearance on “General Hospital” is considered performance art.  The article is a pretty interesting read, and he obviously knows the history of art (I recognize a lot of the pieces he mentions from my art history classes) and puts up a pretty good case for why his stint is performance art.  But what do you guys think?

Article can be read in it’s entirety after the cut, along with all the sources and more pictures.

 was recently treated to an early prototype of a dessert that Marina Abramović, the “grandmother of performance art,” created with the pastry chef Dominique Ansel. It’s a cylindrical pastry with a lychee center sprinkled over with chili powder and raw gold. I was instructed to kiss a napkin that had been printed with a square of gold powder that would transfer to my face before eating the dessert. This way the dessert would pass through a golden gateway before it was ingested. I did as told, then suggested to the chef that it needed more chili. Was this art? Continue reading

James Franco is Heading to “General Hospital”… What?

A lot has been said lately about James Franco joining the cast of “General Hospital” for a multi-episode ark, mostly the three letters: WTF.  But personally, I think it’s brilliant.  So come inside on why this is such a great move. Continue reading